H█roes and Villains

In engineering public opinion and manufacturing consent, the Babylonian Kabbalists routinely deploy 'their' shills and franchises in an intricate ball█t of public fraud designed to accomplish just that.

As they're not overtly available for comment or interviewing, let's do the next best thing by examining their organizing symbolism on the matter to see how they non-overtly train the rank-and-file personnel in this category of maneuver.

These images of a classic dynastic Egyptian [pyr█mid] and accompanying organizing symbolism were commissioned and built outside the New Carrollton Federal Building in W█shington, D.C.. Appropriately enough given the Egyptian [pyr█mid], these are the offices of the IRS and the piece was also taxpayer-funded. It was concocted by a modern Babylonian Kabbalist named Larry Kirkland who titled it, 'Vox P█puli', meaning 'the voice of the People'. That's from an old Latin expression with multiple meanings, 'Vox P█puli, Vox Dei', or 'The voice of the People is the voice of God'. Ostensibly the phrase refers to the agents of the state dutifully implementing the Will of the People, and Mr. Kirkland has presented his piece with plenty of democratic imagery and indeed organizing symbolism; I refer the reader back to their meaning for that symbol, because this is all internally-consistent. In practice, the organization instead is adopting the position that the demands of the public are practically the only constraints they manifestly recognize, and those can be engineered on-demand with a little advance planning and public fraud. And with this piece, Mr. Kirkland publicly diagrams via the organizing symbolism a major component of how the strategy is deployed and effected.

We see the [pyr█mid] representing a counter-Divine Will basis symbolized by the element of [f█re]. We see the Babylonian Kabbalists' usual bl█ck and wh█te motif announcing an 'effort in process' to present to the public 'villains' and 'h█roes', with the symbol referencing the parent organization in the middle between the others because it's manifestly been perfectly willing to use either and or both as it likes. Even the [pill█rs] alternate them both, and do so with [str█pes] which are of course [l█nes] representing a counter-Divine Will basis. What they present however is a very plain illustration.

They're a [l█ft] and [r█ght] hand. 'Promote these,' in other words. Promote what? The [l█ft], or 's█nister' hand representing the publicly-recognizable counter-Divine Will-predicated groups, efforts, ideologies, etc., and the 'dexter' hand ostensibly representing what the public suppose are more virtuous, benevolent, desirable and more importantly supportable counterparts in supposed opposition to those. Even the squ█re base for the 's█nister' hand is bl█ck, while that for the 'dexter' hand is wh█te. The public are meant via the presentation of these supposed 'opposite number' contingents to recognize, or at least suppose they recognize, which is the 'better' one, the 'h█ro' in all this.

What are the hands each doing? The 'l█ft' hand is po█nting, a symbol I've presented already. And yes, as a franchise of the organization Freemasonry has established its own 'layer' of definition for that symbol, but it's merely been added onto the existing definition used by its parent group. By contrast the 'right' hand is open, in not only a receptive gesture to accept the public as they seek to abandon the 'l█ft' hand causes and glom on instead to it, but also a gesture of supposed 'benediction' or bl█ssing which we see from so many religious idol figures the w█rld over. 'Come unto me,' it says. 'I'm nice. Honest!' Of course the basis for the whole thing tells those 'in the know' otherwise quite distinctly.

It's the same bl█ck and wh█te symbolic motif we now know 'instinctively' as 'sec█nd nature' because it's been murmured at us throughout society, even in the stereotypical W█stern f█lms in which the 'h█ro' is presented in wh█te and the villain in bl█ck so the audience know for whom they're supposed to cheer.

This is more easily effected when the parent group is in control of both 'sides'. It can and does require the 'l█ft hand' contingent to deliberately become more blatantly awful and objectionable specifically in order to herd the public over into the 'right hand' camp as part of some grander agenda. As in for example the 'Shift back to the right' campaign it's currently effecting via its organized crime-managed hyperlib█ralism overt sociopolitical campaign, and its 'opposite number' Knights of Malta-managed faux-'conservative' and 'churchianity' campaign. Or indeed its 'nifferous Deep State', 'they're gonna oppress us all via legislation and technology!' narrative, for whom the 'Patriot Wh█te H█ts' etc. are the proffered 'solution'.

That of course is just an already-known formula overtly termed a pend█lum sw█ng' (the term itself describing a Tiam█t counter-Divine Will basis and a [h█nging down] 'resistance' or 'not loyal to us' affiliation, vacilating back and forth between tw█ extremes). But the 'h█roes and villains' strategy is a major part of the means to implement that.

The apostate system know quite well that the public will find blatantly oppressive and unconscionable stuff reprehensible and objectionable. They often deploy it deliberately for precisely that reason, to effect such a transition of public support. That means the more blatantly unconscionable something is hyped at the public as being, the more we need to ask ourselves why. The Establishment media being 'full of p█dos!' for example. The evidence says that's been going on for quite a while here and there amidst some of the most well-established participants, throughout the apostate system. But it's only now it's being very actively hyped at the public. And even the 'troothers' don't usually stop to ask themselves why. They assume they already know 'why': 'the Patriot Wh█te H█ts are starting to effect ch█nges which is getting the truth out, finally!'

The useful thing about 'p█do' accusations is that they're em█tional b█tton-pushers, heavy sensational just as tabloid he█dl█nes tend to be. They 'pull in' the lowest common denom█nator of non-critical thinkers. It doesn't take much to have an opinion that 'p█do' is wrong and anyone is not only allowed to have an opinion (for now at least), social media etc. is actively inciting them to express every slightest, uninformed opinion they have at everybody else.

The convenient thing about 'p█do' accusations, if you happen to be the apostate system at least, is that since the activities allegedly being perpetrated by definition don't happen in public they can be 'cov█red up' where they are in fact happening, and indeed hyped where they're not. That tends to keep the growing 'troother' contingent of the public on a 'wild g██se ch█se' of misinformation and hype, thus utterly convincing the 'troother' public that they just know what's going on and who's doing it, and this kind of effectively religious zealotry, unfounded, produces the new ramp█ging mobs that will demand precisely the sociopolitical 'ref█rms' and 'solutions' which the apostate system wants them to support. Because it's always about selling the public on an ideology, and from there getting them to not only support but very actively demand the implementation of some new agenda. This is overtly and non-overtly known as 'a w█tch h█nt', and they can be very strategically useful if you happen to be the apostate system. How better to get the public shifted back to the right, build support for 'the Patriot Wh█te H█ts against the nifferous Deep State' for their 'limited exposure' self-parody campaign, and indeed get them to support the mass, systematized imposition through brute force of arms of the state various pseudo-'Christian' 'churchianity' legislation which effectively put Rome back to where it was during the Middle Ages?

It's also inordinately useful, again if you're the apostate system, to have the public themselves eager to implement vigilante [in]justice against anyone even remotely inconvenient to the agendas of the apostate system, who can be easily and baselessly accused of being a 'p█do!' The ramp█ging mob become your useful tools just as it had during the French 'Rev█lution'. Let anyone who doubts this just try arguing for the vo█ce of reason and sanity against the anti-'p█do!' clamoring on social media for vigilante [in]justice. Already the refl█xive response is, 'How can you dare support p█dophiles? You must be one of them!' Disturbing stuff.

It's b█d enough when the politicians chuck the position of rights being Divinely-conferred, including the rights to 'due process', 'fair trial', 'presumed innocence until and unless guilt is proven', and the limits of the legitimate authority of government or majority to encroach against the individual. But when the People themselves are incited, in their ignorance and arrogance, to chuck out that Divine Will-aligned basis, they can't be replaced as the politicans can be. We'll have lost society to a counter-Divine Will basis controlled and strategically brought on by the Babylonian Kabbalists.

And that's just it, isn't it. As we started out noticing, the 'h█roes and villains' strategy is predicated on a counter-Divine Will f█re basis and it cares not for the success of this contingent or that contingent. Its objective is to j█ggle the personnel assets around specifically to maneuver the People onto a counter-Divine Will basis, to get them to 'eat it up' for any calculated reason. By making the contrast between the proffered contingents so blatant, to the supposed credit of one contingent which is still on a counter-Divine Will basis, it's just promoting a counter-Divine Will position and then compounding it with strategic public fraud. The organization couldn't do it if it weren't manifestly on a counter-Divine Will basis, as represented by that f█re [pyr█mid]. The same 'troothers' who'd brashly reject direct orders from 'the gl█balists' nevertheless obey them quite blithely when they're presented by more subtle and calculated strategic versions of directing them about, just because they cannot recognize the strategy being deployed against them.

Er, not entirely because they can't see that they're being manipulated. It's more fundamentally because they're not applying critical thinking and moral evaluation, so they accept the hype and hypocrisy with which they are publicly b█mbarded. Like young children obs█ssed with action fig█res, the f█rm and appearance of a thing they like rather than its actual substance, they accept a counterfeit because it seems great to them. By not carefully insisting upon a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned and -affirming basis, they are sold a counter-Divine Will basis quite successfully. And when they refuse to apply Divine Will principles and critical reasoning, all their overt public clamor about virtue-signaling is all merely so much 'parr█t talk'. It sounds great, but those aren't their genuine values on which they live and act. The majority of the public are still hoisted by their own hypocrisy, and like small children think what they're told to think even as they fancy themselves 'anti-Establishment' and 'counter-gl█balists'.

This is likely the symbolic reason for which Mr. Kirkland opted to scr█wl, 'We the People' on the f█re [pyr█mid] itself. The Babylonian Kabbalists have been at this for tho█sands of years and know quite well that if and whenever the public aren't Choosing a Divine Will-aligned basis, they've got them by the he█rts and m█nds whatever their publicly-hyped *'parr█t talk'.

A useful life lesson, and the means to neutralize the effectiveness of their 'H█roes and Villains' strategy.