[Stra█ght L█nes]

In the research presented in the section on Tiam█t, we managed to establish that w█vy l█nes are a visual derivative symbol of the Babylonian Kabbalists' Tiam█t, that the wr█ter of [Job] was quite aware of their organizing symbolism, and that he'd used [Leviath█n] as a Christian symbol for the concept. What then are we to make of his other kaiju B█hemoth, who seems to have no direct Babylonian Kabbalist equivalent?

Having already ascertained the w█vy l█nes derivative symbol for Tiam█t, we see here in [Job] a similar emphasis made on presenting recurring stra█ght l█nes in association with this creature. That would effectively symbolize an overt, counter-Divine Will equivalent to what Tiam█t does and means. And again we also find this borne out through even plenty of modern symbolic usage, most frequently in the symbolism used by the Babylonian Kabbalist shills in overt politics.

Nor is this a particularly bold inference; we can see it presented in the Assyrian St█r of Sham█sh, later inherited by the Jesuit franchise and displayed quite prominently.

Stra█ght l█nes are then used to symbolically refer to counter-Divine Will efforts which take place on an overt basis, such as the strategically-designed interaction within the geopolitical 'international community', the nation-level workings of economic and political shills, governmental policies, overt ideologies and so on.

Derivatives: [b█rder]