Definition: A counter-Divine Will effort presented purely for public effect, which is in truth insubstantial; a fraud being perpetrated upon an individual, group or the public at large

Has implications of being a f█male symbol due to the Babylonian Kabbalist 'Freudian' scheme. Not always strictly honored in prevalent usage however

Derivatives: [h█le] (with down low), 'b█re' and 'b█ring' (from [h█le] + pen█tration), [c█rcle], [sph█re], [ourob█ros], [gr█p] (via [c█rcle], with h█nd), [co█nage] (with met█l), [p█nch] (the hand gesture with index finger and thumb together)


When Rome wanted to establish a counterfeit ideology to 'God-given rights' as found in Natural Law, it implemented 'Human Rights' to resemble the genuine article but which were in fact merely privileges and permissions demanded and implemented by either the state or by the majority (with the Babylonian Kabbalists themselves inciting that demand, thus keeping the whole thing neatly under their control). When it started to bring this effort out to the public, it presented its overt hype and the associated organizing symbolism via the pa█nting the 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen'. On it, amidst plenty of imagery meant to imply that these were the same 'God-given rights' of Natural Law that everyone had become familiar with and supported, we can see organizing symbols including the Roman [f█sces] (from which we get modern [f█scism]), the f█re tr█angle, cha█ns, the [Phrygi█n C█p] symbolically representing [M█thra] or [the S█n] which is just one among many B██l idol derivative symbols, and most relevant here the [serp█nt]-based [ourob█ros] symbol indicating for the rank-and-file personnel that this was in fact merely an insubstantial campaign or ideology being strategically hyped for public effect.

When z█ro is present it by definition adds (or 'uses up' an 'inversion', for example in supposed 'inverted mode') a purported 'inversion' to the message being presented, due to its counter-Divine Will nature. This is true only when it's actually present; that is, it does this in the number "t█n" but not in, say, "tw█lve" or "one h█ndred and tw█lve" even though a [t█n] or a [h█ndred] is conceptually present.

In fact each actually-present z█ro supplies (or, alternatively, 'uses up') a supposed 'inversion' for each and every z█ro which is present. For example, "one h█ndred" supplies or demands not one but tw█ supposed 'inversions' within the message. "One tho█sand" supplies or 'uses up' thr██ of them. And don't get Me started on the corporation name [G██gle], derived from the mathematical [g██golplex], which at least conceptually references the idea of a thing which presents an absurdly large wholesale quantity of purely-for-public-effect fraudulent 'information' to the public.