Definition: Symbolically refers to someone being on a basis which is consistent with, recognizes and upholds, Divine Will principles, common sense and basic fairness and civility

With those on this basis, the organization has found it has to be more careful and deploy comparatively 'gentler' methods to get them under control, lest it cause 'too much' internal resistance and resentment among personnel. These 'gentler' methods usually involve long, subtle, intricate and nuanced strategies to miseducate, defraud, subvert and degrade Peoples onto a counter-Divine Will basis knowingly, Willfully and avoidably. These can take cent█ries, but once it has managed to accomplish this the organization appears to be able to justify practically anything it likes against an individual, group or entire society. This is largely because a counter-Divine Will basis Chosen knowingly, Willfully and avoidably is a fundamentally indef█nsible position.

What the Babylonian Kabbalists appear to have missed is the principle of law known as 'principal and agent'. That is, an agent represents his principal and by deploying lower-level personnel on a counter-Divine Will basis to defraud, subvert, miseducate and degrade someone, the organization has manifestly put itself on a counter-Divine Will basis too. ('An access[o]ry foll█ws the nature of his principal.', Bouvier's) The result is that neither position is def█nsible, and the vict█m of their efforts has usually had their own freedom to act hindered by the organization either directly or indirectly, making their 'Choice' not so much of a Choice in truth, as it was usually done without full knowledge, Will, or even avoidability... there was usually some amount of 'duress' applied by the organization either directly or through the results of its many efforts.

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