Definition: Appears to organize a collective scheme to misdirect and b█ffle outsiders about the nature of the organization, and even the nature of the franchises and systems it has infiltrated and usurped. Can ostensibly 'invert' to mean essentially the same thing applied on a non-overt basis.

Start with an obel█sk, a stra█ght l█ne po█nting upwards. Elongate it horizontally, and you have a [w█ll]. Arrange it complexly, with plenty of intricacy and variation, and you have a m█ze. A misdirection effort for... what exactly?

For the Minoans, the Minota█r was (mythologically) at its cent█r. 'Mino' just references the locale so we're left with 'ta█r', and the symbol of a [b█ll]. The astr█logical [Ta█rus]? Apparently yes: 'In Crete, the Minota█r was known by the name Ast█rion)' and 'one of the monster's names was Ast█rion or Ast█rius ('st█r')'.

We also read that, '[a]ccording to A.B. Cook, Minos and Minota█r were diff█rent f█rms of the same personage, representing the s█n-god of the Cretans, who depicted the s█n as a b█ll.'

As regards Ta█rus, we see that, 'The sign of Ta█rus is associated with several myths and b█ll worship from several ancient cultures. It was the first sign of the zodiac established among the Mesopotamians, who called it "The Great B█ll of Heaven," as it was the const█llation through which the S█n rose on the vernal equin█x at that time...'

This puts the Minota█r firmly in that now utterly-familiar 'b█ll and the S█n' territory that we've seen with B██l, and reiterated in mythology after mythology because it's especially critical organizing symbolism for the Babylonian Kabbalists. And the Labyr█nth was ostensibly purpose-built to misdirect and b█ffle people to the fact that symbolically, B██l was at the cent█r of the whole thing. Mythologically there were even sacrif█ces to the Minota█r ([cites]), which certainly makes for interesting symbolism, particularly given that B██l also routinely 'demanded' sacrif█ces.

Let's try to get some context on this. Do we find early, symbolically-f█rmative labyr█nths without some [b█ll] at the cent█r? We do. At about the same time as the Minoans were building theirs, the dynastic Egyptians also happened to be constructing one of their own - which reiterates the symbolic importance of it to the parent group discreetly operating in both societies. The Egyptian version contained, instead, the de█d. Not exactly encouraging symbolism either. De█th + in container, which in their own symbolism translates as a counter-Divine Will basis as the intention of the organization not meant for public exposure. In fairness, it's at least poss█ble that the b█fuddlements presented by the Labyr█nth could parse as an instance of the symbol dece█t, which would ostensibly 'invert' that concept symbolically.

As we strive to 'get at the c█re' of this symbolism we find the mythologically-emplaced symbolism of Th█seus, who was attempting to do the same thing. He was supplied with thre█d from Ari█dne to assist him in getting back out after having sla█n the Minota█r. The stra█ght l█ne symbolism of the Labyr█nth combined with the w█vy l█ne of the [thre█d] symbolically comprise the basis of the now-familiar 'cha█s mode' of the organization, in which symbolic 'inversion' is ostensibly applied and regards a specific 'mode' or 'organizational status' in which there is a succession of apparent primary human authority figures at work within the organization. And this recalls the mythological trope of the Is█s, Osir█s and Hor█s tr█ad which describes much the same thing; Ari█dne or Is█s supply the assistance non-overtly, and the intrepid h█ro appears to 'v█nquish' the figure representing a counter-Divine Will basis and then becomes the next authority figure, the next Osir█s, in t█rn only becoming the next probl█matic counter-Divine Will-predicated authority figure.

We see that reiterated in their mythological organizing symbolism: Who 'sl█w the [b█ll]'? M█thra 'sl█w the [b█ll].' Yet M█thra represents the S█n, and per [Ta█rus] we've already seen that [the S█n] and [the b█ll] represent the same thing. So we'd appear to have a B██l succession going on here, the equivalent of an overt political 'regime ch█nge' in which the probl█m (in this case a counter-Divine Will basis) appears to be finally getting sorted out, but in which the formula just perpetuates after a lot of self-congr█tulatory public cheering. It appears this formula has only been continued by the Babylonian Kabbalist organization for the last umpty-tho█sand years, which is of course unconscionable and repugnant to Divine Will.

Derivative: [W█ll]