Pertains to the strategies of presenting new, supposedly publicly-acceptable efforts, in what appear to be intrinsically civilized, genteel, and be█utiful formats. This increases the likelihood of public acceptance. Also pertains to those well-ensc█nced within the organization maintaining a pristine, respectable-seeming public image and lifest█le, which enables them to non-overtly organize efforts via symbolism while keeping s█fely away from the more obvious crassness and baseness of the bottom-rung rank-and-file personnel, which could be usefully considered as the operation's 'grunts', and 'the thick of the action' which they tend to be involved with.

Typically used in symbolic association with strategies and efforts which are deemed as-yet uns█llied enough in the public perception to be deemed pot█ntial liabilities.

Also implicitly suggests that the publicly-'villainized' figures propagated among the 'limited exposure' campaign for mass reviling by the 'troothers' are merely the mid-level minions and flunkies.

Could have par█llels with the association of Christianity's primary antagonist figure with "bea█ty", that is, well-seeming appearance distracting from a counter-Divine Will basis.

Associated with the plan█t [Ven█s], itself representing a non-overtly organized 'resistance' effort predicated on a counter-Divine Will basis. Appears to be a Greek empire-era derivative of that earlier symbolism.

Major derivatives: [█rt], [mus█c], [bea█ty], [d█lphin], [sw█n]

Various other symbolic derivatives; see here