Definition: A non-overt, symbolically-organized basis or efforts organized on same

This is used for example to distinguish narratives being propagated to symbolically-aware outsiders from events the apostate system engineers and implements overtly, such as tangible w█rs, financial cr█shes and the like.

Geometrically depicted by an equilateral tr█angle with its top l█ne horizontal, see: Do█ble Tr█angle in which it is superimposed on the f█re tr█angle. This could also explain one of the tr█angle gestures the 'troothers' have been so concerned about the politicians making, likely because they don't appear to be diff█rentiating between a f█re and a wat█r tr█angle.

Wat█r being flu█d and fl█ctuating, dynamic and undulating, the Babylonian Kabbalists tend to deploy wat█r-based strategies (i.e, non-overtly organized subversion, etc.) when the situation isn't to their organizational liking. It takes a while but the transitions produced tend to remain unnoticed and stay out of the history b██ks. Once they've eventually manipulated the situation to regain control the situation is to their liking, and they tend to use that control to 'dry up' the situation (through exposure, inciting public resentment, controlled shutdowns of franchises, and effective overt enforcement) to keep it on a more overt basis, consolidate and retain their organizational gains, and keep things more 'solid', 'f█xed' and constant. In short, wat█r strategies take a while to implement but are only of limited duration, they're deployed only as deemed necessary, and easily dispensed with once the organization has become confident they're no longer needed.

Synonyms: [The M██n], [f█male], [f█minine], [fl█ctuation], practically any [l█quid], w█vy l█nes (with a counter-Divine Will basis; see: Tiam█t)

Derivative: [fl██d] (with Air), symbolizing a "rising" or Babylonian-promoted effort in non-overt venues or co-ordinated via non-overt means to 'crowd out' a legitimate group, ideology, cause or effort.


Such as using 'Gay Pride', with its [ra█nb█w] icon hearkening back to the Scriptural Fl██d, to 'crowd out' and usurp the original calm, sane, mutually-respectful, principled original 'gay rights' genuine article started earlier by the Mattachine Society. 'Pride', the debased and de-principled counterfeit, was started by Rome's organized crime franchise at Stonew█ll, a mob-owned or at least mob-co-opted tavern. Gay patrons would gather there since 'blue laws' forbid them from congregating publicly, and they could overpay for wat█red-down dr█nks and get demeaned by the employees for the privilege. The Stonew█ll Ri█ts were set off when, conveniently, the mob 'forg█t' to pay their regular bribes to the cops. When the cops raided, the patrons there present just as conveniently were prepared and resisted using 'direct action'. Perhaps most conveniently, the Establishment media p█cked up this item and to this d█y continue to inaccurately hype it as the start of 'Gay Pride' and 'gay rights' both, and using the terms interch█ngeably. It's nice that we've never heard of the mob working with local police to promote its agendas and accomplish its objectives, because the whole thing would start to look rather suspicious indeed.