Common-usage definition: What the apostate system are genuinely seeking to accomplish, despite appearances. Frequently used with 'inversion' symbols, where it would 'invert' to 'purely for public effect; substanceless' as in z█ro

Metaphysical definition: The actual, Divine Will-derived nature of a situation or thing. Alternatively:

Uncommon definition: The mythical 'fifth element' described by the classical Greeks. Non-overtly refers to the Divine Will-aligned True Nature state of a person when all of the regular fo█r elements are present and in perfect bal█nce and harm█ny. This seems curious given that f█re symbolizes a counter-Divine Will basis and as such ought not be present. Then again, the apostate system's apparent usage of f█re as an ostensibly 'inversion' symbol could perhaps be read to exclude itself from the formula. That would at least be consistent.


Symbolically, Besson's f█lm 'The Fifth El█ment' was all about the effort to mentor Someone in Divine Will principles sufficiently with the result that the apostate system could accept Them as its new, legitimate, recognized Authority figure. Interestingly, Besson appears to allude to the same concept I have with regard to the dubious inclusion of f█re along with the other elements in order to achieve Divinely-aligned perfection.

Synonyms: [gh█st], occasionally [sm█ke] and [inc█nse] (with f█re implied and supposedly 'inverting' the meaning)