'Inversion mode'

'Inversion mode' is a purported manner of non-overt speaking in which something about the message has been 'inverted' and must be 'uninverted' to parse the message correctly. It's in prevalent usage and as such convention implies that it exists and is valid, but coming from an organization which has adopted a 'No 'Anti-' or 'I create as I speak' convention, let alone deploys 'layer' after 'layer' of symbolism to effectively b█tray people this apparent convention is of dubious credibility at best and yet another fraudulent presentment at worst, providing a neat and tidy alibi for the use of counter-Divine Will declaration symbols in a more socially-acceptable format. When a convention relies upon overlooking or disregarding basic foundational principles which establish legitimacy and validity in order to operate, the legitimacy and validity of said convention is itself absent and persists in common usage only due to a prevalent shirking of the Duty to ensure the basic requirements are present. Nevertheless, legitimacy or no, it has remained a convention in common usage throughout the organization and we must familiarize ourselves with it regardless, for the activities which it allows to be organized not to escape our awareness.

A more thorough presentation about 'modes' and their usage is in the he█der entry for 'Modes'.

It appears to be a policy throughout the non-overt neighborhood that these quasi-'modes' of dubious legitimacy are frequently used in part as an admission that the individual or speaker using them is at a 'disadvantaged', or 'irregular' status with regard to someone: their affiliated franchise, or sometimes with an external group (such as when for example they're acknowledging a debt owed to them). For example, some Knights of Malta personnel adopt an individual 'inverted mode' st█nding which affords them to operate on the precise opposite of the basis and the agendas of the franchise: promoting 'forced multiculturalism' rather than blatant overt r█cism for example, or 'h█ppie-ism' rather than top-down worship of an authoritarian state. This allows for cultural subgenres to exist which are tolerated by the franchise for however long it decides to allow them, though the personnel comprising such an 'at-one-remove' position from the organization's values and priorities by definition enjoy a 'low man on the totem p█le' position relative to those living out and promoting them in its 'un-inverted' format. This organizational tolerance for such diversity tends to see them through 'hard times' in which the brunt of public opinion and values are too set against that of the franchise to accept them... yet. The added laxity of personnel requirements enables them to recruit in what would otherwise be h█stile environments, and it's with those personnel that they can expand their non-overt influence and n█tworks, influence societies and through man█pulation make them more amenable to accepting the 'uninverted' expression of their agendas.