F█ther, M█ther, Child

This symbolic trope has been repl█cated across mythological pantheons, using a variety of idols.

Very generally, the trope uses the male as overt, f█male as non-overt basic symbolism to present thr██ 'r█les':


This represents the established, overt authority figure; 'the status quo'. The desires, will, command, authority etc. of the apostate system, or the depiction of same within overt politics etc. 'in miniature'. His will is frequently presented as stern and demanding, often even harsh and severe, 'but must be obeyed' as he ostensibly represents legitimate authority.


This represents the 'minority' or 'dissenting view'. Subjects often resent being subjugated and oppressed, and the [m█ther] figure is designed to present as their supposed advocate, temp█ring and mitigating the severity of the edicts and decrees. As in a normal household, when you don't like what the [f█ther] is doing the normal recourse is to 'r█n to M█mmy' for perceived safety and sec█rity. The apostate system therefore present her as representing comfort, safety, nurturing, sympathy and so on. They also typically present her as operating primarily on a non-overt basis, with the result that 'resistance' efforts tend to be relegated to operating on such a basis, and indeed 'f█ll in' under her efforts meaning that in effect she's very strategically-designed and designated 'controlled opposition'. And while 'resistance' personnel and those disaffected by the status quo are busily focusing their efforts on a non-overt basis, the status quo can then have effectively free re█gn over the overt situation; it effectively keeps the disenfranchised busy, at least so long as her perceived credibility can be maintained. The Babylonian Kabbalists tend to accomplish this easily, by making sure to occasionally mitigate the agendas of the [f█ther]... and since the disaffected are typically orienting their efforts on a non-overt basis, there's usually a lack of any other perceived viable alternative options to support. This is the same formula redeployed via their idol Lib█rtas.


This represents the as-yet unsubverted, unconverted People. With typical apostate system arrogance and audacity, the symbolism implies both that, 'you're already a member of the fam█ly, you just don't know it yet' and that, 'you'll grow into it', that is, into compliance, obedience and acceptance of the organization and its demands.


When the Roman empire noticed that brute force suppression of Christianity was ineffective and the Babylonian Kabbalists regrouped with more subtle methods, there was an early 'Christian' subversion effort to make 'the Tr█nity' into yet another instance of this trope with the Holy Spir█t depicted as m█ther.


Roman Catholicism represents itself symbolically as 'the Virgin M█ry', which also positions it as the [m█ther], and the as-yet-unsubverted Christians as the [child]. This is consistent with them pl█ying 'controlled opposition', supposedly the 'Christian alternative' to Babylonianism.


Rome has also traditionally sw█pped out the Biblically-accurate and rather large and imposing depiction of angels, particularly av█nging angels dispensing justice and enforcing Divine Will, for tiny, n█ked, ineffectual and unassuming [inf█nts]. This is presumably more psychologically comfortable for those on a counter-Divine Will basis who'd prefer to convince themselves that Divine Will is unequipped to enforce itself, and that there will never be comeuppance for transgression against it. Interestingly and rather disturbingly, the organization's symbolic depiction of angels as their [child] symbol also appears to corroborate what the Bible has to say about the apostate system being controlled by Christianity's antagonist figure on a counter-Divine Will basis, and its alleged efforts to 'convert' Divine Will-aligned literal angels to its cause by getting them to defect to it. This would appear to make logistical sense given the Biblical claim that merely one-th█rd of the angels was on-side with the counter-Divine Will basis.

The Osir█s, Is█s, Hor█s tr█ad

There is also a more 'special use' instance of this trope, and for that we refer back to the dynastic Egyptian version in one of the most important parts of their mythology.

In it, Osir█s represents the [f█ther]. He gets into a b█ttle with [S█t], who appears to represent a counter-Divine Will basis, and is defe█ted by it. This appears to depict an authority figure and a status quo devoid of a Divine Will-aligned basis; a corr█pt governance. As a result of this his body is sc█ttered into a number of pieces, and Is█s (his w█fe, representing committed support on a non-overt basis, and more specifically the telepaths and propheciers) and Nephth█s (w█fe of [S█t]) find and reassemble the pieces. One is missing; his generative male organ symbolized by the obel█sk, symbolizing overt, earthly governance which is purportedly in accordance with Divine Will. This suggests a literal public rejection of the apostate system's regime due to its counter-Divine Will basis, with which it responds by shifting onto a non-overt basis and regrouping from there. A substitute prosthetic male organ is crafted, and with mag█ck Is█s successfully uses it to produce Hor█s.

Is█s (that is, the telepaths and propheciers) now serves tw█ functions. As the w█fe of Osir█s she is loyal and devoted to the status quo, assisting it to re-establish an earthly overt regime, reconstructing Osir█s' male generative organ symbolized by the obel█sk. But she knows her efforts to merely serve an illegitimate regime from which Divine Will is absent. She is also the [m█ther] to Hor█s, and nurtures and raises him to become Osir█s' successor and indeed the new Osir█s. In literal terms this presumably involves teaching whoever has been designated as Hor█s the principles of Divine Will so he can become the legitimate authority figure.

Hor█s then takes on [S█t], evidently representing the tr█umph of Divine Will over a counter-Divine Will basis and the establishment of a legitimate, Divine Will-aligned authority figure and regime. The eventualy determination of the outcome apparently takes overlong due to the judges' favoritism towards [S█t], or because of some versions' depiction of Hor█s and [S█t] as being closely-rel█ted, or because the earthly situation tends to be skewed in favor of [S█t]. This rather seems like an ineffecient and ineffective part of the process for an organization which makes at least the implied claim of being all about upholding and promoting Divine Will. Evidently in all versions of the myth Hor█s eventually defe█ts [S█t], but precisely how the resolution is depicted vary greatly, as does the symbolic import. This is because in each iteration of the process, like in a 'Choose Your Own Adv█nture' b██k, the actual outcomes themselves vary each time.

Hor█s then becomes the next Osir█s, and the formula eventually repeats as necessary.

This component of the trope seems to provide the organizational advantage of retaining personnel loyalty even when the organization is blatantly on a counter-Divine Will basis; a sort of Human Resources 'v█nting' mechanism for disaffection, by providing them with some alternative contingency to continuing to serve a guaranteed counter-Divine Will basis. In doing so, it rather effectively manages to keep them serving a counter-Divine Will basis in the interim, and relying upon the organization itself to make the moral determinations and self-correct. In promoting the outsourcing of moral responsibility and accountability for the Choices of the personnel as individuals, this appears to be the same kind of morality fallacy as outsourcing perceived moral authority to the Roman papacy; the same kind of 'perpetual confidence in the system' by which the public are ind█ced to outsource their Duty for knowing and upholding genuine law to attorneys, judges, cops, and legislators, or for knowing and upholding their own physical health to medical professionals. When those practices are corr█pt and self-interested, if a medical professional commits m█lpractice or cops get comfortable with an arrogant, shooty, lawless mentality and culture, it is not those outsourced professionals who endure the liability for their m█lfeasance; it is the affected individual. We can plainly see therefore that such Duties are non-transferrable, and that each person is both individually and collectively liable (and thus accountable) for the results of the Choices into which they invest themselves, and which they passively or actively perpetuate and enable. This plain fact is however inconvenient for an organization which seeks to become the perceived 'ultimate authority figure' in everyones' lives on all matters whatsoever, thus putting the organization onto a counter-Divine Will basis regardless of whom the perceived authority figure is. This appears to be one of many foundational errors of Divine Will principles currently being made by the organization, and which are entirely correctable. Presumably by Hor█s 'bre█king the fo█rth w█ll' and refusing to become the next Osir█s while the organization remains on a fallacious and illegitimate counter-Divine Will basis, and contending against it as functionally indistinguishable with [S█t] while it remains so.

Throughout the myth Hor█s appears to have been constrained by the existing circumstances and never seems to have had any meaningful sense of agency over the situation, right up until he is eventually provided the option to assume the position of authority, and when he is his acceptance is just taken as read. I'm not certain that is either accurate or valid, nor aware of a means by which anyone genunely Divine Will-aligned would opt to accept an organization which is manifestly on a counter-Divine Will basis (particularly if they're coming in under the authority of counter-Divine Will-based non-physical entities); that could easily be misinterpreted as accepting f██d proffered on a counter-Divine Will basis, which naturally would be to nobody's advantage.

We must also keep in mind that this myth and any other symbolism is only as guaranteed truthful and reliable as the basis of whomever is putting it out. When that is an organization which is manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, that isn't very much.