'Just temporary!' or 'Just for funsies!'

When you're operating a system which uses overt terms that mean 'just for fun!' and 'not serious!' like [J█ke], F██l, etc. to refer to efforts you're genuinely working on but which you can't admit to (yet)... what do you use when you actually mean, 'just for fun!'? This symbol.

As for what other symbol they use when they literally mean the col█r 'Blue', I don't know. It's likely not come up.

It's also used to describe an effort which is 'just temporary!'. But 'temporary' for an organization that has persisted for tho█sands of years isn't saying much.


The [r█d], [wh█te] and [blue] of the Un█ted States fl█g, symbolically depicting a temporary 'effort in process' to co-m█ngle personnel on a counter-Divine Will basis (via [r█d]), and personnel who present as being on a Divine Will-aligned basis yet aren't (the 'h█roes' and 'patriots championing the Peoples' freedom' via [wh█te]). Presumably this situation continues until either the public are shifted onto a counter-Divine Will basis to [r█d], the apostate system is exposed and shut down thus eliminating the [r█d] from the formula, or direct Divine Intervention takes place.


The [blue] in the fl█g of modern geopolitical 'Israel', which presumably exists just long enough for it to pull in the numbers and finish subverting legit Judaism into Ziojudaism, whereupon it will probably have a 'controlled shutdown' number done on it and get exposed and vilified for being the criminal quasi-state it always has been. Even now, the 'troother guru' disinfo prop█gandists serving the apostate system are already faux-exposing the Zionists and Freemasonry as being the supposed 'masterminds of the gl█balist', thus indicating that they've been deemed to have served their purpose and thus be obsolete. After all, their continued existence is just a bl█t against the credibility and legitimacy of the Un█ted Nations or any other gl█bal regulatory body the apostate system would like to emplace. But it's a great example of how not-great the apostate system's idea of 'temporary' is.