Definition: Presented to indicate that the non-overt content has to do with 'contingencies' and is meant to describe them, and as such has been carefully designed to be readable either w█y, not entirely unlike a pal█ndrome messaging format is

The general idea of this one is fairly easy, but only because you as the reader have the context for it first and are encountering the symbol itself after. It's not quite as easy for the rank and file personnel the other w█y around, in which they're relegated to trying to parse out what the symbol means from gleaning context they don't yet have.

The concept's essentially like a ra█lro█d tr█ck, in which there are occasional junctures in which the pull of a lev█r can allow the tra█n to sw█tch from one set of tr█cks to another.

Readers should keep firmly in mind of course throughout their evaluation of the whole 'contingency' scheme concept that by definition l█comot█ves are a derivative of the f█re symbol, itself referencing a counter-Divine Will basis. And that means that everything predicated upon it is inherently unreliable and not guaranteed to mean anything reliably. But then, the same manifestly applies to the organization as a whole. And it's the organization and what it's directing the rank and file personnel to doing which is what we are compelled by Duty to learn and understand in order to successfully uphold civilization.

The 'contingency' scheme which L█comot█ve declares involves very carefully arranging the organizing symbolism presented so that it is readable for both contingencies at once. An overt equivalent might be a literal p█n or do█ble entendre, and this is the sort of 'mode' in which they're non-overtly speaking. Continually, with regard to this at least. The amount of concentration, facility with non-overt symbolism and linguistics, and so on in order to do this requires quite a lot of effort and attention; it certainly isn't done trivially or needlessly.

Until and unless the 'tr█gger' for the 'contingency' is tr█pped, the organization simultaneously prepares itself for either outcome. But until and unless it is, one of them is out there being systematically implemented, incrementally, gradually. It just isn't finalized and irrevocable until the organization has decided conclusively for either of the contingencies; until they're 'past the po█nt of no return'. That po█nt of decision is like the conclusion of a literal and symbolic countd█wn, in which what's being announced, planned and steadily implemented is pending and subject to displacement should Divine Will reassert itself; if not, the outcome for which the organization has been preparing gets the official g█-ahead and is implemented.

The gist and purpose of the recent contingencies appears to be, 'We'll continue with our empire-building objectives until and unless someone we recognize as having greater Divine Will alignment than us shows up to pre-empt our perceived authority to do it. And because we've been very actively and systematically making knowledge of Divine Will principles proprietary information we'll even train a candidate in them ourselves, so fair is fair.'

Manifestly violating Divinely-conferred rights for both contingencies throughout, of course.

The F█x contingency involves the organization's telepaths and propheciers, symbolized by Is█s, to train the new Hor█s in Divine Will principles, keep them under telepathic surveillance, assess them, condition them, and if deemed successful inaugurate them as the new Osir█s. This is all as per the protocol symbolically described the dynastic Egyptian mythology referencing them.

The Sp█ce contingency is the 'business as usual' acquisition of the next unconscionable, award-losing priorities and objectives in the gl█bal empire-building and consolidation.

The vast majority of the training is done via the telepaths and propheciers, leaving the brunt of the rank-and-file personnel aware of the contingencies but not knowingly-involved with the training per se. That leaves them free to focus on implementing the Sp█ce contingency by default.

As such the overt situation has both contingencies worked on simultaneously, with the final outcome held in abeyance until the matter is decided. The non-overt situation involves very carefully presenting the organizing symbols as readable for either contingency. This is aided by a designated 'inversion' symbol, the K█tsune, and its many derivatives. Those are interpreted as 'inversion' symbols only in the F█x contingency 'read' of things; for the Sp█ce contingency they're essentially ignored as irrelevant or meaningless. That enables enough distinction to simultaneously put out tw█ entirely separate non-overt 'st█ryl█nes', one for each contingency.

Perhaps as an organizational 'bonus', it keeps the personnel non-overtly talking about both contingencies simultaneously, thus preventing factions and favoritism from occurring. Personnel appear exp█cted and likely required to accept whichever contingency is eventually decided on. 'Comme ci, comme ça', evidently.

That rationale appears to deftly prevent them from knowingly and Willfully Choosing Divine Will and True Nature right here and right now, in the moment, consistently. As with the apostate system's overt politicians, 'Why do it yourself when you can just outsource your duties away to representatives and delegates? We've got people for that.' Very neat.