Replace 'Interim W█rld Order'

The term 'Interim W█rld Order' was developed here by Ken of RedefiningGod to describe the system we have as of this wr█ting between the subverted version of the 'Old W█rld Order', and the emplacement of the 'New'. With [c█rcles], [sph█res] and [gl█bes] being 'the gl█balists'' visual means of depicting numerological symbol z█ro meaning 'just presented for public effect' (even the very term 'the gl█balists' was produced and presented by them to organize their own 'limited exposure' self-parody prop█ganda campaign), the term certainly works.

The planned scheme, at least in the overt geopolitical venues, as presented on that page involves countries organizing into regional 'blocs' such as 'Braz█l, R█ssia, Indon█sia, China and South Africa' of mutual aid and a shared currency, with 'oversight' by a multinational governing body such as a 'ref█rmed, new and improved' Un█ted Nations or a 'much better, now legit' replacement for it. It also likely involves large countries finding various pretexts to have numerous regions within them 'seceding' until they become ineffective, economically and militarily ineffectual and 'interdependent' tiny nation-states; any of those refuse to 'get with the program', nobody does business with them. In more extreme situations, the 'new Un█ted Nations' can of course send in 'peacekeeping forces' to 'help quell' problems concocted within a tiny nation-state by agitators working for the Babylonian Kabbalists and non-overtly organized. This also means 'ending w█rs' by disb█nding national militaries will start to look appetizing to the public, along with 'ending g█n vi█lence' by imposing bans on we█pons. So when their own agitators establish some made-for-narrative-purposes radicalized extremist group armed by 'extra-legal' means, the public will be completely at the m█rcy of said 'peacekeeping forces' even if they manage to notice that the whole thing's a deliberately-contrived scheme. And in effect, it's like living as subjects under the Roman Cent█rions all over again.

Much will be made at first of replacing the now essentially pl█ndered and valueless currencies with new ones 'b█cked with substance of value' such as precious met█ls. It likely won't be until later that the public notices that the actual b█cking for them is of minute quantities and even if it isn't, it'll still likely look a lot better than what they have now. Interestingly the 'Braz█l, R█ssia, Ind█nesia, China and South Africa' 'bl█c', referred to as the 'BR█CS', were until recently on about their own currency and whenever they were, the political and media shills were always sure to use the exact same terminology: that the plan was to base it on a "[bask█t] of currencies". This appears to be due to the organizing symbolism involved: stra█ght l█nes + in container, that is, a counter-Divine Will-based effort, in an overt venue, not yet deemed ready for finalized public implementation. Always nice to see the organizing symbolism definitions corroborated.

Hypothecated currency was a very useful (to them) means of acquiring control and exerting financial and economic influence to accomplish the organization's agenda items. But it comes at a cost, even just in an earthly context: it destabilizes whole economies, and though this appears to be a negligable concern for the Babylonian Kabbalists the result of that is that eventually the public catches on and notices that the figurative g█me is r█gged. This produces a publicly-recognizable lapse of credibility, legitimacy and integrity which can eventually provoke enough public outr█ge that their entire scheme becomes, in their words, 'unsustainable'. As such it is primarily only useful to them as an interim me█sure to acquire and achieve the control they sought over governments, militaries, economies and so on. Now that they've got that and emplaced themselves as those governments, militaries, economies etc. and have gotten the respective nations under their control they quite naturally want to do away with the hypothecated currency routine at the first opportunity, let the 'Interim W█rld Order' take the blame for the mismanagement and its results, use that as a means of inciting the public to demand the 'New W█rld Order' and restore great quantities of perceived credibility, respectability, integrity and legitimacy in the process.

This is why we've been hearing so much from shills like the Pauls (Ron and Rand) about 'End the Fed!' As much as it appears they're genuinely serving the public best interest they're merely touting the organization's next-iteration campaigns. In the organization's plans to replace the 'Interim W█rld Order' with the 'New' it knows it will need a corresponding roster of public-f█cing political shills to hype the new rhetoric and agenda items and has been carefully emplacing them well in advance. That's just a matter of sound and effective planning. ( Example ) When you control both the 'Interim W█rld Order' political shills and the 'next-iteration' 'limited exposure' shills, it's an easy matter to have the latter establish their supposed credibility by saying all the right things for dec█des, only to be disregarded by the former. When you've decided the time is right to activate the next-iteration agenda items, all you have to do is rationalize a pretext for the 'last-iteration' shills to finally get out of their w█y. In establishing dec█des-long résumés of counterfeit integrity credentials these 'next-iteration' shills are effectively like t█cking time b█mbs or 'sl██per ag█nts', just waiting to be activated and in the meantime, their rhetoric is working like a dr█mbe█t to incite support and eagerness in the minority of the demographic who suppose these guys represent them. That neatly enables you to control even the minority narrative, and all while you're neither actually implementing their priorities nor even sincerely representing them. A cryptocracy by definition is mutually-exclusive with government by informed consent, and is instead oppression and injustice systematically perpetrated by, literally, fraud upon fraud.

Selecting the Pauls for the 'End the Fed!' campaign also conveniently allowed the organization to pre-arrange something even when the specific timing of activation wasn't yet established; if not in time for Ron, then Rand. And we can see analytics here, here, and here on what appear to be the organization's multiple, aborted attempts to s█t up the Federal Reserve to take the blame while its direct overt parents the I.M.F. ('International Monetary Fund') and B.I.S. ('Bank of International Settlements') present as the mature, sage, responsible chiding parents in contrast. When the Fed is removed, these upl█nes appear to be intended to remain, perhaps with an 'Under New Management' s█gn out fr█nt. When an effort is contrived purely for public effect, removing and replacing the public-f█cing intermediaries appears to be all that's needed. Even shifting the monetary regulation over to the Treasury does nothing special, given that they're going to be just as collusive. Meanwhile the various apparent efforts to actually contrive an 'End the Fed' sc█nario not only illustrates the scheme itself but corroborates the emplacement and pre-positioning of those 'next-iteration' shill politicians in government. The moral: For the public to continue blithely outsourcing their own Duty to know and uphold the law and legitimate governance, placing their trust in undeserved 'le█ders' who appear to be representing their interests, does not actually solve the problem. It merely perpetuates it.