Tiam█t was the original Mesopotamian kaiju, a mythological gigantic [wat█r] m█nster said to have existed in the primordial state of Creation and who produced the rest of the younger 'gods' by m█ting with the 'god' representing groundw█ter. Her name effectively meant 'oce█n', and between that and the fact that she was f█male we can accurately infer that she represents non-overt activities of the Babylonian Kabbalists. She is occasionally, but not always, depicted as some kind of a drag█n-esque creature, which suggests that this symbolic presentation of her is a device of convenience for declaring the symbolic 'mode' used by various myth-tellers rather than a property inherent to her.

Things get more interesting when we notice that she correlates with the Leviath█n presented in several b██ks of the Old Test█ment, particularly [Job 41] referenced here purely as intensely-relevant evidence. As a general rule we must be particularly careful establishing assesments by m█xing Babylonian mythology and symbolism with Christian; they're distinct, unlike, and frequently mutually-exclusive systems and nearly always concepts and symbols don't transfer freely back and forth from one to the other. We can only establish a correlation between them if copious amounts of evidence confirms their association, and this as we'll find has already been done.

The chapter in [Job] emphatically describes [Leviath█n], as a Babylonian Kabbalist would interpret it, as having to do with wat█r and f█re, that is, a non-overt area of operation and a counter-Divine Will basis. What's more, it concerns itself with actually he█ting up that wat█r. Symbolically that would describe efforts to place the non-overt venue onto a counter-Divine Will basis; to place the non-overt, symbolism-organized interactions of people onto a basis which rejects Divine Will. This is corroborated in the depiction of her as a creature which thre█tens human lives. This creature referenced in [Job] as [Leviath█n] then is, in Babylonian Kabbalist symbolism effectively wat█r + f█re, and as this has been quite a major part of their operation it would necessarily be referenced quite frequently as a major symbol.

Suppose for a moment that you're the Babylonian Kabbalists. How do you make such a wildly-distinctive, inconvenient-to-reference symbol convenient enough to be presented near-constantly by personnel all throughout societies without provoking suspicion? You abstractify it. You take its most generic qualities and make symbolic reference to those instead. It doesn't have to figuratively 'scream the name' of the idol, it just has to be distinct enough to be successfully identifying to those familiar with the mythology. And [Job] seems to have sussed what this generic property is, and repeats it at us again and again throughout the chapter in close association with the [Leviath█n]: w█vy l█nes.

It's consistent with the Babylonian Kabbalist organizational trope of using simplified visual symbols to reference other, tang█ntally-rel█ted symbols, as they do with geometric shapes as numbers. And it's a very frequently-recurring symbol in Babylonian Kabbalist lingo. Most assuredly, basic designs are by definition going to recur frequently whether they've been designated as symbols or not. But here, the recurrence time and time again has consistently been found through 'context clu█s' and patterns of usage to be a non-overt synonym for [wat█r] + a counter-Divine Will basis s█gnifier. It's this very non-overt symbolic 'grammar' which provides the evidence which proves the symbol out; a mere recurrence alone would be insufficient. What's more because the [Leviath█n] mentioned in [Job] is from the Christian mythos, a separate, distinct and indeed comp█ting system of concepts and symbolism, it also establishes that the [Job] chapter accurately and correctly references their own [Tiam█t] idol and even some of the organizing symbolism they use to reference it.

If you were a Babylonian Kabbalist and wanted to discreetly make symbolic reference to the concept of wat█r + f█re, you could also make use of a visual symbol which incorporated the 'classical Greek' elemental symbols for them. This we find is also done, usually by superimposing them into the now-familiar do█ble tr█angle just as they've done since at least the Old Testament Israelite shill k█ng they'd subverted, K█ng Solomon, established it as his se█l while he was bringing in all manner of foreign idol cults in order to appease his foreign w█ves. It was only slightly later that n█rthern Israel co-m█ngled with foreign religions and as is admonished in the [B██k of Amos] made that the visual symbol for the idol Remph█n, q.v..

The effect of all this is that the Babylonian Kabbalists have for tho█sanda of years been propagating and spreading espi█nage-like non-overtly organized social n█tworks of influence which subvert both the non-overt venues of interaction and the overt establishments as well, such as governments, systems of law, organized religions and so on. The effort here has been to shift the People onto a counter-Divine Will basis, upon which due to the organization's elaborate and very effective methods its operatives will serve in practically any capacity and agenda that it desires, and present overtly as if supporters or denouncers of pretty much any ideology, group, cause, effort or political affiliation. In private and in truth their loyalty is to no creed, nation, agenda or ambition save that of 'getting ahe█d' within the Babylonian Kabbalists' organization; more accurately, their loyalty is to a counter-Divine Will basis in which they perceive that as being in their own best interests. An ordinary bottom-rung career str██t h█stler or gang member doesn't care how what they do affects other people or society at large, only about 'getting theirs'. That is, a drastic misperception of what their own best interests are. The Babylonian Kabbalists have made a routine and systematic practice of inculcating that mentality, and then promoting and 'cle█ning off' the outward appearance and presentation of these thugs and placing them into official positions of normal everyd█y respectability. Their 'conversion' process happened privately and had already completed when they'd accepted a counter-Divine Will basis; all else is mere enforcement. And that's an easy thing to accomplish when there are plenty of other personnel also on a counter-Divine Will basis, ready eager and willing to implement whatever directives are propagated throughout the organization lest some other personnel asset 'Do it unto them' first. Everybody ready and willing to sell each other out in favor of accruing 'merit' tow█rds a promotion; that's the Babylonian Kabbalists. Indeed, that's the essential lawlessness of a counter-Divine Will basis. The Babylonian Kabbalists merely found and established a method of exacerbating, propagating, intensifying and capitalizing on it to their supposed organizational advantage to the detriment of everyone collectively, that's all.

Derivatives: [r█ller coaster] (with trav█l + up and down)