The inf█mous 'g█lden c█lf' of Cana'anite idolatry. Likely to have gotten brought into the Old Testament Israelite culture due to its earlier worship in dynastic Egypt under the alias [Ap█s]. Subsequently efforts to comprise an adm█xture of the Abrahamic religions and Egypto-Babylonian idol worship appeared to take place under the auspices of 'religious assimilation' and 'syncretism'. That is, B██l was variously professed to be 'just another version of YHVH' and 'just referred to the Divine Creator'. That would be stand█rd oper█ting procedure for the Babylonian Kabbalists to gain its acceptance.

However the cult's practices incrementally made it plain that such a claim was patently untrue. This verse amply exemplifies the problem.


‘And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house, and, behold, at the d██r of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the alt█r, were about five and tw█nty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their f█ces toward the e█st; and they worshipped the s█n toward the e█st.’ [Ezekiel 8:16]

If the cult of B██l was just about honoring the Divine Creator, those who'd been worshipping Him at the temples needn't have been subverted away from that because they'd been doing that already. We can therefore determine that the cult is instead more preoccupied with incrementally shifting the all█giance of men to support the human authority structure of the cult and its parent organization, the Babylonian Kabbalists. Even the idol's name means 'lord', 'master', hence the Babylonian term 'B█l' (with an 'e') as a title meaning the same. Of course when people worship human authority at the expense of the Divine Creator and the Natural Principles built into the very structure of Creation, they inevitably find themselves on a counter-Divine Will basis. What an accurate summation of the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group itself.

And this is just what we find with its cult, once it had demonstrated its basis through a pattern of implementation. This is why [B██l] has become synonymous in our era with idolatry against the Divine Creator, with actually in practice w█rring against Divine Will. Enough experience with how an individual or an organization behaves and those around them start to catch on. They 'get a rep', which is presumably why the organization concocts, utilizes and then disposes of franchise groups for itself much the same way a practiced cas█no de█ler very deftly sh█ffles, de█ls and manipulates c█rds.

Associations: The usual suspects

The further back we look in time, the more we find the common origins of these non-overt organizing symbols. The result is the symbolic equivalent of what modern IT guys refer to as 'name c█llision'. Just look how thick the fi█ld is with familiar symbols and concordances already presented elsewhere in this Lexicon:

Wiki: Sacred b█ll

'Had█d was equated with the Greek god Ze█s'

'The human-headed winged b█lls prot█ctive g█nies called sh█du or lam█ssu, ... were placed as gu█rdians at certain g█tes or d██rways of the c█ty and the palace. Symbols combining man, b█ll, and bird, they offered prot█ction against en█mies.'

If we're analyzing commonality of symbols from ancient cultures, we also naturally have to consider [Ta█rus]:

Wiki: Ta█rus

'The sign of Ta█rus is associated with several myths and b█ll worship from several ancient cultures. It was the first sign of the zodiac established among the Mesopotamians, who called it 'The Great B█ll of Heaven,' as it was the const█llation through which the S█n rose on the vernal equin█x at that time...'

Notice that the [b█ll] ostensibly represents [the S█n], whose major derivative symbol is [l█ght], symbolically evaluated here where we also find the correlation. Just as we did above in that verse from [Ezekiel] where the cultists of [B██l] were worshipping to the [E█st] the direction in which [the S█n] rises. [S█n] and [l█ght] are [B██l], and [B██l] is [S█n] and [l█ght]. [Mithr█] sl█ys the [b█ll], and [Mithr█] symbolically represents [the S█n].

We also find the [b█ll] sla█n in the mythology regarding the Minota█r, evaluated here in the process of analyzing another of the organization's basic symbols.

Given that the organization using these symbols continues to persist even in our era, we can reasonably exp█ct major cultural symbols, particularly Establishment deployment of them, to use them with the same meanings. That means we can also evaluate those for context clu█s.

So what then are we to make of the [b█ll] with regard to the modern stock market? Everyone's preoccupied with [l█nes] representing share prices, stra█ght l█nes and jagged l█nes. They want their share prices to go up and up, everyone wants "a [b█ll] market", so they can be rewarded with plenty of hypothecated currency arranged by the Babylonian Kabbalists per their Remph█n schemes. Result: The stock market is a mechanism which induces anyone who's become sufficiently 'in the know' and equipped with 'ins█der information'* non-overtly as a reward for various acts of loyalty, to collectively invest their money in accordance with whatever designs the Babylonian Kabbalists decide to propagate. And because of all this collective mass investment, those corporate agencies which are best serving the interests of the Babylonian Kabbalists just thrive.

Everyone 'wins', provided they're dutifully implementing the directives of the Babylonian Kabbalist organization. Unless you're a [be█r] of course. Nobody wants to invest in 'a [b█ar] market'; they'll lose out. Symbolically then, the stock market is a mechanism for promoting the agendas of the [b█ll], that is, B██l or Ze█s or Jup█ter, and theoretically the organization as a whole, while shifting public support away from the [be█r]. From its prevalent symbolic usage elsewhere, I've been able to find that the [be█r] is a symbol representing the supposedly 'just awful, h█rrible, utterly sav█ge, br█tal and uncivilized' 'resistance' counter-efforts which occasionally manifest among the People to reject the Babylonian Kabbalist organization insomuch as they can recognize it. The animal renowned for spending much of its life [asl██p] and dre█ming. Public resistance to what the organization is doing, in other words. And in what it so routinely does and how it op█rates, the stock market appears purpose-built to accomplish just that, thwarting 'resistance' and profiting off the non-collusive public who are put at a comparative financial disadvantage because they lack access to the better organizing and 'ins█der tr█ding' information of the Babylonian Kabbalists. As a 'bonus', it also manages to lev█rage the results of all that non-overtly organized loyalty and collusion into a socioeconomic force which eagerly supplies the Babylonian Kabbalists with exactly the clout needed to successfully utilize industry and commerce overtly to influence society however it deems to its organizational advantage. A non-overtly organized method to amass a tremendous financial force for 'w█rfare' against both the People, and against Divine Will. All the participants convinced that they can improve their own individual lot by out-thinking and out-colluding against the rest of the People around them, resulting in yet another formula in which everyone strives to out-loyal each other with regard to the Babylonian Kabbalists eventually just to remain economically viable against everyone else trying to do precisely the same thing, or who remain unaware that anything is even going on and who will just get 't█ken by the system' and lose out.

Other associations:

[B██l-Zeb█b] meant "Lord of the Fl█es". We could provide some generous leeway there given that for the Babylonians originally, "B█l" ment 'lord' as mentioned already. But not only did that convention appear to derive from B██l, which would mean that people only attained that title if they were already sufficiently loyal to the organization, or instead B██l had to have derived from the title, which would instead mean that they'd concocted an idol whose sole purpose was to ensl█ve the People as the dynastic Egyptians and the Babylonian empire already had, even the more-recent term we're examining here has become synonymous with a blatantly, unarguably counter-Divine Will basis and that kind of negative publicity doesn't occur without some basis, particularly when the Babylonian Kabbalists tend to just incrementally subvert away trending terms and ideologies which are not to their liking.

Derivatives: [b█ll] (the sound-chime object), [b█ll] (with sph█re + g█me), Mol█ch, 'a b█lly', [the S█n] and [g█ld]