Definition: This is effectively the same as the in fr█nt of symbol, but usually specific in meaning to an alert that someone has just been deemed to ecl█pse their own True Nature. Read below however for caveats.

Distinct from the rest of the in fr█nt of category of derivative symbols, the m█sk is associated with both mag█ckal ritual Workings and with early the█ter as well. As the former would add the category 'an effort-in-process' and the latter would add 'just for public effect, not actually substantive', things get interesting. I've encountered it in prevalent usage with ostensible 'inversion', purporting to convert the meaning 'just for public effect' into 'actually substantive'. Except of course that in those instances, it was not in fact substantive and the telepaths and propheciers were surely aware of that. The result is that I'm not certain how the precise usage this specific version of the symbol varies, but it does. Perhaps both additional categories are added, and in the instances which I'd encountered either of them was supposedly 'inverted'; it would amount to much the same thing: that it hadn't actually happened, but that a presentation was being made that it had.

Special variants of this are in common usage. [Embarr█ssed], [bl█sh] and so on adds the r█d symbol, ostensibly supplying an 'inversion', and as such is used to symbolically depict that some 'outsider' group or individual has chosen a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis (or at least is deemed so by the Babylonian Kabbalists.) [Cr█ing], [te█rs] etc. are used to imply that the Babylonian Kabbalist organization has a newly-acknowledged instance of itself having done so. These variants appear to be 'fair g█me' for supposedly 'inverting' to each other in a direct one-to-one correlation. Interestingly, on closer evaluation [cr█ing] and [te█rs] would also seem to have the tw█n symbol inherent to them, whose symbolic definition provides a certain amount of 'cold comfort' to the messaging.

Another special derivative of this symbol appears to be in the many [fl██rs] of t█ll buildings, usually skyscr█pers. There's a 'multi-layer' bit of symbolism which references the 'multiple layers' of the symbolism deployed by the organization through its franchises, sub-franchises and so on. Each franchise represents an 'at one remove' position from the parent group, and as such each of them represents a [m█sk] w█rn by the organization itself. Upper [fl██rs] tend to reference the parent groups, but what's counter intuitive is that while [r██ftops] would supposedly represent 'the highest', the most-accurate and most-authentic 'layer' of symbolism and directives, they instead appear to represent 'layer' upon 'layer' of [m█sks]; with each being a degree of dissociation removed from the truth. This appears to accurately sum up the organization's actual position to-date: defraud, dece█ve, b█tray, oppress and manipulate the public to achieve the gains they've made, and they find themselves occupying the whole realm but with a distinct absence of legitimacy of position.

Derivatives: [pl█ying c█rds] (with g█me and rect█ngle), [m█keup] (with d█st), [f█ce] (with [cr█ing] and [emb█rrassed] as special instances), [w█nk] (with dece█t, usually presented as a supposed 'resistance' misdirection effort), [sk█n], [cl█thing]