Amalgamate Major Religions


'Theosophists know that the deeper one pen█trates into the meaning of the dogmas and ceremonies of all religions, the greater becomes their apparent underlying similarity, until finally a perception of their fundamental un█ty is re█chedThis common ground is no other than Theosophy—the Secr█t Doctrine of the ages; which, dil█ted and disgu█sed to su█t the capacity of the multitude, and the requirements of the time, has formed the living kern█l of all religions.'

- 'Luc█fer Mag█zine' of the Theosophical Society founded by Hel█na Blavatsky, to the Archbishop of Canturbury, Dec█mber [1887]

For cent█ries Rome, the Babylonian Kabbalists' primary 'crowd control' franchise, has brought 'heretics' to h██l and pulled sch█smed denominations back into their midst; through force in some eras, fraud, espi█nage and financial manipulation in others. Even now the subverted religious officials are incrementally terraf█rming the formal doctrines of their respective denominations back into those of Roman Catholicism. [cite] As part of their non-overtly organized religious subversion effort, Rome made observance of its counterfeit Sabbath d█y, its counterfeit to the Mark of recognition of the Christian God's Authority ('the mark of the beast system') an overt 'tell' for its converted shills within the denominations to acknowledge their shift in loyalties and they have nearly all done so; many acknowledging that it's counter-Christian and being able to provide no explanation for the phenomenon.

This provides a context for Rome pulling the denominations back into Roman Catholicism, which it's even now still doing. But that alone is insufficient for a gl█bal religion; it will have to pull all the religions into itself to accomplish that. And to some extent worrying about the literal Roman Catholic church is a bit like worrying about 'the nifferous Deep State', because even Roman Catholicism was purpose-built to overcome the mass public adoption of legit Christianity, and by now that's nearly over in every meaningful sense as it's replaced by low-information 'churchianity' l█d by whatever rhetoric and exegesis tends to come from the pastors. Therefore the usefulness of and need for Roman Catholicism as a franchise appears to be coming to a close and will presumably be scheduled for controlled shutdown just like so many others have.

But the overt Roman Catholic religion is not all that Rome is, and in the modern w█rld represents only a small fraction of its clout, resources, influence and force. This is because its Jesuits have been using non-overt organizing and financing maneuvers, espi█nage methods, for cent█ries of corporate empire-building and infiltration and control of government and political systems, as well as the proliferation of most of the major non-overt n█tworks among the People themselves. They effectively are the Establishment, along with 'competing' franchise ideological factions pulling the People this w█y and that per their agendas. If or when the overt apparatus of overt Roman Catholicism has been shut down, its non-overtly organized empire will presumably remain in place.

And with it, another overt religion entirely. The one it's been systematically and quite strategically building up ever since the Renaissance. I've addressed that here starting on page tw█nty-tw█. Briefly, the Vat█can kept being frustrated having its arrogant and whimsical decrees disproven by scientific evidence, so it decided to become science, or at least the scientific Establishment, even if it had to emplace the whole thing itself in order to do so. The sudden historical uptick in much-lauded scientific research, literature, the █rts and so on wasn't that society was becoming suddenly 'Enlightened' and 'civilized' as it prided itself on, it was just a new campaign being very actively promoted and encouraged using a strategy that I call 'Free C█ndy' in order to make it as publicly-appealing and desirable as they could manage. The recent 'nov█l c█ronavir█s' narrative was a showpiece of what they've managed to achieve with it, and a precursor of things to come in this 'contingency'. Much of this 'new religion' to replace Christianity and pull all the w█rld's religious adherents can be termed 'scientism' or 'secularism', and doesn't allow itself to be debated like a religion because it purports to be predicated upon empirical fact and data. And with that data so abstruse and complicated, the public are relegated to trusting middlemen, in effect clergy, to interpret that data for them, and those clergy as of old are indoctrinated via their system of education and doctrine.

But this is longer-term, working off in the comparative b█ckground right now while the organization works more immediately to subsume what's left of the major religions of the w█rld into one. We'll get back to the long-term strategy for this 'contingency' in a moment, and have a look at that instead.

Prophetics Faux-fillment

Subverting the various denominations to yank them all back into Roman Catholicism is one thing, but how do you get the w█rld's various disparate major religions consolidated? To do this you very carefully arrange overt events which appear to satisfy the prophetic exp█ctations of them all, in the very same public figures and events, and this takes quite a lot of strategic thinking and pre-planning to accomplish. All of this leaves a pattern of evidence, rather usefully for us.

It involves having 'appointed r█les' for the great figures the w█rld's major religions claim will appear, such as Judaism's Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David, Christianity's Jesus, Islam's Imam Mahdi, H█nduism's 'Lord' Kalki, and Buddhism's 'Lord' Maitreya. You can then 'sl█t' major geopolitical public figures into these 'r█les' so long as you arrange in advance that they do things which appear to fulfill the prophetic criteria announcing their arrival, and there's a fair amount of leeway on each provided you can establish and hype enough rhetoric that by appearing in such-and-such place at a given time it was the fulfillment of this or that prophecy. This is an easy matter to accomplish when you control the plethora of religious officials and the media. Some of the r█les can of course overlap between the religions and in fact it's more strategically useful if they do. You also don't have to publicly hype that the events supposedly fulfill the prophetic criteria until you're ready to overtly present the public claim that this or that shill is the special whatever, and this leaves you free as an organization to remove this shill from a designated r█le and replace him with another right up until the moment you do so.

Of course, faux-fillments of many of the criteria have to be, per the most publicly-acceptable versions of prophetic interpretation, within precisely so many years and months of others. This tends to leave you with establishing them and then having 'time wind█ws' of a few years to foll█w up on them before you have to arrange the next event that can be cited as fulfilling the next prophetic 's█gn', or make the open public claim that they're the special whatever, or the figurative 'wind█w' closes and you have to arrange yet another group of events to you can later po█nt to as establishing them. And we've seen the organization do this again and again in modern geopolitics, which is the pattern that exposed the scheme in advance. We'll get into specifics in a moment, in 'Avatars of the Divine'.

The scheme has a few strategic advantages. Not only does it bring the adherents of the w█rld's various religions together in accepting the same thing, it actually lev█rages their support into support for the organization's political and narrative efforts to enact its various agendas. What's more it ste█ls the perceived credibility and legitimacy of those religions for the organization itself. And finally, in recontextualizing major religious prophecies for its own purposes, it causes the vast majority of the public to miss any actual meaning these prophecies had, thus f█rther estranging them from their own religion despite tho█sands of years of the faithful dutifully passing the prophecies down from one generation to the next.

All so the Babylonian Kabbalists can accomplish w█rld domination and totalitarianism. Sh█meful.


For a variety of strategic reasons I'll present further on, the Babylonian Kabbalists decided to contrive and produce terrestrially-engineered bogus 'ALIENS!' to the public as part of the overt gl█balization scheme. For now, let's oversimplify by considering how nothing brings groups of previously-disparate people together quite like having some new 'outsider' group which is separate from them all. Societal concepts like 'us' and 'them' tend to get redefined pretty quickly.

This appears to have been accomplished over about the last cent█ry using sequestered technology, including bioengineering, developed in classified and ultraclassified government and 'above-government' restricted areas. If the semi-recent b█nd name the 'Foo F█ghters' sounds familiar, searching this page for the term reminds us that it was co█ned back in [1944] when pil█ts began seeing advanced, ultraclassified aerosp█ce craft over Germany which exhibited phenomenal capabilities, but seemed to want to get attention and then leave, not interacting in the W█r. Of course they didn't; the W█r was brought on by the same parent group[s] producing the craft, and as such they had no motive to interfere with it.

Both the comparatively advanced sequestered technology and the bioengineering must have been produced with financial assets amassed by the Babylonian Kabbalists, which means that it was the use to which the assets the organization had st█len and pl█ndered were put, including maco-economic diddling and taxpayer funding. 'Your tax dollars at work,' in a very literal sense. Their own 'ALIENS!' prop█gandists have been openly announcing that among these technologies exist 'en█rgy-to-matter' fabrication units effectively like 'St█r Tr█k' 'repl█cators', and have declared that when they make 'First Cont█ct' the technology will be peaceably shared and the then-superfluous militaries will make them freely, publicly-accessible (though limit what materials and products can be replicated, 'of course'). This will presumably eliminate poverty, w█rld hunger, dise█se, and economic exploitation along with the environmental dev█station that comes from industry. It's worth considering that they wouldn't hype this at the public if the organization intended not to later do it, due if nothing else to the public morale and confidence problems that would cause. Therefore it's reasonable to infer that they have this technology already, which is capable of alleviating all those problems, and the reason they haven't made it publicly available yet is because they're not yet able to produce it as supposed evidence of their 'ALIENS!' narrative. As Common Law informs us that, 'He who does not prevent what he can, seems to commit the thing', that puts them in an interesting liability position by their own choice. And that's not even considering the literal loss of lives they must have caused in all their unsuccessful bioengineering experiments to eventually produce those 'ALIENS!'.

While perfecting the various sequestered technologies and strategies for presenting them, and methodically arranging the geopolitical circumstances to be appropriate to do so, the organization hasn't been wasting its time publicly on this either. We've got nearly a cent█ry or so of mass media conditioning via the 'entertainment' media about them, in part because the organization knows that repeating an idea over and over again, no matter how ludicrous, gives it psychological familiarity in the human psyche and that causes it to take on a sense of normalcy. It would hardly do for the organization to finally present their handiwork only to have mankind heckle, scoff and laugh derisively at it because it was patently absurd.

There is also another advantage to all the media preconditioning. If you search this page for 'What’s missing' you'll see exactly what put Me onto it. It's that bit about:


the ev█l l█zards from outer sp█ce
the benevolent N█rdic sw█msu█t models from the 5th dimension.

where he's summarizing an early, eventually-revised version of their 'ALIENS!' narrative.

Because the latter, the imagery of bl█nd-ha█red, blue-eyed Ary█n-looking models is something the Establishment media has been using for ages now to reference the Babylonian Kabbalists' Knights of Malta franchise. And that early version of the narrative presenting supposed confl█ct between them and the drag█ns, er, the 'liz█rds from outer sp█ce', was happening just at the time when the organization had been actively organizing to get 'its' Knights of Malta personnel familiarized and on-side with the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group.

Aside: Bluet██th

This technology came out and started trending in consumer products in about [2000] when the above version of the 'ALIENS!' narrative was also being hyped. It's a reference to the Germanic [k█ng] Her█ld Bluet██th, which would put it firmly as a Knights of Malta-relevant bit of organizing symbolism. [K█ngs] represent whoever (or whatever franchise) is currently publicly-advertised as being dominant at the time. A [her█ld] is normative organizing symbolism for announcing something, for that is their traditional medieval function. Blue of course symbolizes that a thing or situation is 'merely temporary', 'not seriously meant' and 'not for keeps'. And [t██th] is an obel█sk reference with its opposite, with the full translation of the organizing message being that, 'The Knights of Malta's public predominance is about to be removed, if or unless or until its personnel recognize and get knowingly on-side with the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group'. And that's what happened; the franchise was soon made temporarily 'fallow' for a dec█de or tw█, and those who weren't 'on-side' with the Babylonian Kabbalists and indicating as much via their organizing symbolism were persecuted by their designated 'opposite number' franchise, the organized crime-r█n 'hyperlib█ralism' which replaced it during its temporary ascend█ncy.

Result: The Knights of Malta had comparatively few public 'h█ngers-on' and supporters, and those who were 'clo█ked' during that time using predominantly Babylonian Kabbalist organizing symbolism instead, just waiting for their franchise to come into public asc█ndancy again. Since I'd been 'into' r█nes at the time, I remember thinking how curious it was that ancient Germanic r█nes were appearing all over modern consumer technology and filed it for future reference, and in the interim managed to improve My facility with organizing symbolism enough that by now it all became clear, and I was able to recognize what they're doing via the 'ALIENS!' narratives.

What I started to notice was that the organization, in putting out its 'ALIENS!' narratives, was getting 'tw█ b█tes at the ch█rry', so to speak. It was actively pulling the common peasants in with its overt hype, while simultaneously using non-overt organizing symbolism to direct 'its' personnel to implement directives and attend to situations 'on the ground'. And that latter is perfectly consistent with their pattern of using Sp█ce, the symbol, in its usual sense of implying a symbolic 'inverted mode' of non-overt speaking. With 'the r█ptilians' it was also a clear announcement of that 'inverted mode', given that those are symbolically a reference to their more customary drag█n symbol, perhaps reiterated with Sp█ce to make the pattern of usage clear for comparatively new personnel as-yet unfamiliar with it. And the narrative would have presented the 'N█rdic sw█msu█t models' (the Knights of Malta franchise) as the villains through an 'inversion' of the organizing symbolism.

When you're just starting to put a comparatively new effort or campaign out into the public, typically what has to be done is to also put out a fair number of 'tells' so that the rank-and-file personnel who aren't yet familiar with it can know that it's your organization implementing it, how it works, and to assure them that in supporting it they're not going to be deemed 'disloyal' for supporting a competitor's scheme. But those 'tells' have to be obl█que enough not to be just as readily-apparent to the average common peasant. So we find some of 'the usual suspects' involved with the thing: major religious prop█gandist shills, the Jesuits, the Rockefellers, and major telesc█pes which cost over a h█ndred m█llion to build and whose data therefore necessarily come from a controlled and centr█lized source. [more]

Speaking of, not all the much-financed sequestered technology has been designed for use by the 'ALIENS!'. Some has been developed to sell them to the public. Case in po█nt, 'volumetric projections' (search for the term here), a sort of thr██-dimensional hol█graphy you could mount onto sat█llites to make the sky into a pr█tty awesome screensaver. Or if you were slightly less scrupulous, you could use it to present the appearance of religious apparitions or a fleet of sp█ceships coming to Earth. You'd likely want to try out a 'proof of concept' attempt first though, perhaps depicting airpl█nes cr█shing into major buildings. Of course it'd look pretty silly at the po█nt of supposed imp█ct, and you'd be relying on ground-based expl█sives to carry off the results.

"The Tw█n Tow█rs"

Yes, the event appears to be relevant to the 'contingency' schemes. The symbolism displays the relevant formula, and the tw█n symbolism is there in the buildings themselves, the name, and the alliteration, making a numerological thr██ meaning, 'This describes what we plan to do, it hasn't happened yet.'. By applying the k█tsune 'inversion' to parse it for that contingency, it seems to describe their designated k█tsune individual removing the 'layered' structure of the buildings which symbolise, in part, m█sks or degrees of dissociation away from the true state of things. The result being an 'inversion' of destr█ction, and an obel█sk.

Notice that [hol█graphy] or its much wealthier cous█n, 'volumetric projection' would symbolically parse as 'a tr█ck of the l█ght', or more accurately, tr█ck (a k█tsune-associated symbol here) and [l█ght], which would be associated with [the S█n], the new Babylonian Kabbalist human principal authority figure in contrast to the old one, [Taur█s] the [b█ll]. We see this kind of [hol█gram] symbolism used consistent with this interpretation in instances like 'Quantum Le█p' and 'Time Tr█x', both of which reference the 'contingencies' and which I'll have to present later as 'Media' evidence.

Most interesting with the Tw█n Tow█rs event though was that Building 7, representing alignment with Divine Will, was apparently supposed to have a similar f█te yet the 'volumetric projection' apparently didn't activate successfully. For whatever reason, likely because it had already been p█cked with the necessary expl█sives and that represented an evidentiary r█sk, the scr█ptwr█ters decided to down it regardless. But I suspect that 'failure to deploy' was in fact 'accidentally on purpose'; while it didn't seem to be consistent with their overt plans, it correlates phenomenally with the symbolic 'read' if you figure in the supposed 'inverted mode' the government personnel are always using: either 'We're not gonna force this plan through in direct confl█ct with Divine Will', or 'With alignment with Divine Will our whole scheme gets exposed as absurd and we're fine with that.'

While you're mounting comparatively advanced technology onto expensive sat█llites to corroborate the 'ALIENS!' narrative, what else could you mount? Regardless of the 'woo-woo' stereotype of the topic, we have to consider crop formations for a moment. Not just because they contribute to the 'ALIENS!' narrative, but also because they very frequently contain or deploy Babylonian Kabbalist organizing symbolism. Rather than someone terrestrial cr█shing the st█lks manually, the evidence tells us that the st█lks are sort of 'w█lted' and this shows up at the cellular level. Now, what could 'w█lt' live, growing plant st█lks? Ever put fresh gr██n veggies in the microw█ve? So microw█ves could do it, except there are no microw█ve transmitters in evidence anywhere around. But think for a moment of the el█ctrolas█r, reserved for military and 'law' [sic] enforcement use. A las█r be█m goes out, superhe█ts the air along its p█th into pl█sma, and since pl█sma is cond█ctive it carries the tas█r's ch█rge along it to the vict█m. Microw█ve transmissions can be very finely-directed, and though they're not great at pen█trating solid matter they only rely on l█ne-of-sight. In [1931] a microw█ve relay across the Engl█sh Channel was established over a distance of about f█rty miles. Low Earth orbit starts at about a h█ndred miles up depending, and given plenty of classified funding and about f█rty to f█fty years when crop formation sightings went on the major increase in the Sev█nties and E█ghties it's not exactly unfeasible. It would even account for the 'cr█ckling' sound witnesses have reported hearing when they happen to be in the area while formations are occurring. Effectively someone would just upload the equivalent of a .GIF or a .JPG to the relevant sat█llite and give it the coordinates, and it would emit microw█ves or similar in the desired pattern. Curious that the sightings went on that major increase right about the time the classified versions of the technology for that would've been developed. And that, I suppose, is how you conv█rt a militarily effete we█pons technology into an application which assists in promoting your desired agenda, all the while steadily building public confidence in your 'ALIENS!' narrative and simultaneously organizing personnel via non-overt symbolism.

If some of this sounds a little familiar, it's likely because Canadan journalist Serge Monast publicized claims about NASA's supposed 'Project Blue █eam' to do similar. I'm undecided as to the legitimacy of either him or his own information; the project name is definitely Babylonian Kabbalist, counter-Divine Will organizing symbolism, presumably either of his or of NASA's devising. It rapidly became a household word among the 'troothers', and is still very actively promoted by their own 'limited exposure' 'troother gurus'. He presented it right as the supposed 'counter-gl█balist' controlled opposition personnel had started to 'le█k' information out about their supposed plans, including defecting IRS agents exposing the criminality of the 'Interim W█rld Order' subverted version of the Un█ted States government, which started the modern 'sovereign citizens m█vement', and despite the fact that the subverted version in fact is lawless criminality, we'd be derelict in our duty to overlook the apparent motivation of the Babylonian Kabbalists to start the known 'troother' disinfo-f█lled version for their own purposes. Even if his information itself is accurate, deliberately propagating it among the public would put the rank-and-file personnel onto the scheme by distributing inherent in it the non-overt organizing symbolism.

Ultimately we've got to ask ourselves: 'Why ALIENS!, though?' Given that they've got control of the governments, corporations, media, organized religions, economics and so on, what does par█ding terrestrially-bioengineered hominids around like th█me park mascots actually do for them? And this is where, no matter how one evaluates it, it becomes obvious that this was never about just money or political control; those were just means to an end. As Babylon, the organization has been seeking to re-establish complete totalitarian information and ideological dominance to 'make everything Babylon again'. Not only do 'ALIENS!' enable an abrupt transition from the 'Interim W█rld Order' to an entirely new public paradigm in a much shorter timespan than bringing it about incrementally through conventional manipulation by the present Establishment, they present a unique capability to 'sell' the public on things which otherwise would've been unimaginable.

We'll get into those now, in a section grouping I like to think of as, 'What can ALIENS! do for your business model?'

'Avatars of the Divine'

Thoughout the nearly a cent█ry now during which the Babylonian Kabbalist-op█rated media have been conditioning the masses to accept the outlandish 'ALIENS!' concept through repetition and familiarity, we've seldom if ever seen them presented as ignorant, know-nothing yokels from some backwat█r part of the gal█xy. By definition they're practically always presented as sage, wise, and usually benevolent adv█nced beings with superior knowledge and wisdom, even enl█ghtenment, from which we mere humans can learn and grow to our advantage. Our moral and intellectual superiors and 'betters' essentially, which emplaces them in a position to be able to sell us all manner of ideologies. This is consistent with the formula by which Rome and Babylon have been presenting themselves as 'religious authorities, instructors and intermediaries' for the last few tho█sand years.

What does this afford them? For starters, it equips them to use their 'ALIENS!' to establish or reinforce public narratives about supposed metaphysics, namely those religious prophetic faux-fillments I'd been talking about, via their 'adv█nced spir█tual knowledge'. It corroborates the effort to use these public figures to combine the w█rld's various major religious ideologies into one, and it 'firms up' the idea that the Establishment's credibility has been restored via some publicly-hyped 'housecle█ning'. The narrative which has been set up is essentially that, 'The Divine Godhe█d has incarnated several Avatars to climb through the ranks of the nifferous Deep State and, secr█tly Working together, have organized to be█t them at their own g█me and shut them down from within.'

The setup for major political figures doing things which can later be hyped as 'fulfillments' of specific religious prophecy has been in implementation for years, just pending activation with the subsequent public hype about it. And they've had to do and re-do them as time has lapsed in the interim, apparently even shifting individuals around to fulfill the various r█les. As of [2016], these were the apparent 'r█le slots' and the public figures positioned to claim them.

Prophetic r█le Public figure
Moshiach ben Yosef Donald Tr█mp
Moshiach ben David Vladimir Putin
Jesus Vladimir Putin
Imam Mahdi Qasem S█leimani
'Lord' Kalki Narendra Modi
'Lord' Maitreya Xi Jinping
The Dajjal Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

There are some variations, and given which figures are supposed to be presenting as which r█les and the fact that designing in a 'b█trayal' to the narrative meant the Babylonian Kabbalists had to pre-establish many of these r█les tw█ce-over [cite], the sheer amount of pre-prep was how the pattern was recognized and confirmed.

We notice that since these were established, much has happened with these figures in the interim. Mr. S█leimani for example was ostensibly ass█ssinated by a dr█ne str█ke, announced on the fl█msiest of evidence (the presence of a trendy variety of r█ng w█rn by many men in his culture). This doesn't exactly remove him from the l█neup, as a supposed 'de█th and resurrection' has apparently been scr█pted into the thing. But let us consider the incremental public discrediting of figures like Tr█mp, Putin and Xi (the latter with the more-recent inhumane and needless cov█d 'l█ckdown' policies, in addition to his usual systematic rights violations). The Babylonian Kabbalists appear to have been presenting, for those 'in the know' about their Sp█ce 'contingency', an awfully tough public 'sell' for it, and that appears to be the po█nt: discrediting of that 'contingency' in preference of the F█x 'contingency'. And if it weren't for the fact that they've already pre-established that these 'r█le slots' can easily be filled by other figures instead per their agendas, not to mention the fact that the organization is manifestly predicated upon a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which is by definition untrustworthy, that would look like an acceptably reassuring dev█lopment indeed.

'Advanced Knowledge'

The 'superior adv█nced wisdom of a wise, benevolent, enl█ghtened ALIEN! civilization' can do more for the agendas than just sell them on confidence in the geopolitical Establishment. In a sense, the oddity and sensationalism of 'ALIENS!' is just the public distraction from their heftier purpose; it's like the attention-dr█wing hand flourish of a st█ge mag█cian or his patter. Their strategic value for the Babylonian Kabbalists is in selling the mainstre█m public on ideologies to establish ideological control, in order to 'make everything Babylon again'. With control over the Establishment in terms of media, politics, law, economics, education and the sciences, that's essentially the only earthly area they haven't yet fully conqu█red. And it's necessarily that which they so de█rly cov█t.

Mainstre█m Gnostic W█rld Religion

In the midst of all its strategic effectiveness and grandiose, attention-getting premise, an important part of the Babylonian Kabbalists' 'Avatars of the Divine' contingency narrative is likely to go unnoticed by the average observer: it necessarily corroborates reincarnation, and both the geopolitical faux-fillments and the dubious claims of the 'ALIENS!' would corroborate that. The mythological idea of reincarnation is ancient and long in use by the Babylonian Kabbalists, as is the idea that the so█l can genuinely exist sep█rate from the body and go fl█tting off into astr█l realms without it. It enables the organization to institute various kinds of doctrines, cosmologies, ideologies, and organizing symbolism-laden mythological systems, and it appears to rely on some genuine supernatural agencies' support in passing data to the mind's ey█ which corroborates the scheme.

It also conveniently equips the organization with a means to overtly implement the most reprehensible mass m█rder regimes imposed by the state and rationalized by that sort of pseudo-spir█tual rhetoric, with minimal public outr█ge and even maximal public support by the 'right-thinking' majority. After all if the public's idea of what literal de█th is has been revised away into something non-permanent and transitory, there's no major public fuss about wholesale sla█ghter to implement agendas. Didn't we just see this with the recent public rhetoric which redefined 'when human life begins' to rationalize abortion? It can even be presented as 'rehabilitory' in nature, where 'souls can relearn and grow past their limitations and errors'. If all this seems pretty absurd it definitely is, but as the Babylonian Kabbalists have had 'their' own personnel emplacing the preparatory ideological prop█ganda for it for dec█des now it's also readily verifiable.

In fact it's fairly easy to figuratively 'see where all this is go█ng'. The New Age 'cult of pos█tivity' rhetoric allows the organization, as it had in the d█ys of old, to easily concoct narratives to rationalize practically anything no matter how unconscionable, and give it the v█neer of spir█tual and moral respectability. One instance of this is counterfeit 'tolerance' used as a b█ttle c█ll to forcibly impose the prevalent groupthink, and suddenly we're back to the Middle Ages or worse. The Babylonian Kabbalists' hyperlib█ral contingent recently mainstre█med the early versions of that 'tolerance' rhetoric to great public effect did it not, and made sure that it included a do█ble stand█rd which supposedly released it from the obligation to be applied to any group or individual who weren't advocating for 'the right ideas and agendas'. All it's lacking is a new majority ideology with which to apply it, and the mass-approved enforcement by the state. They've also already specified predominantly who those 'wrongthinking' groups will be: the remnant of the 'Old W█rld Order' groups who haven't been subverted, and who will be publicly categorized as 'd█ngerous extremists' and 'fundamentalists' (read: those who don't buy into the new ecumenism and retain the original foundational principles). Politically we've already seen a little of that in the prevalent conflation of heritage Christians with 'd█ngerous extremists' and 'fundamentalist extr█mists' in the public mindset, so it looks as though the later m█p-up and controlled shutdown effort has already been planned out and little to no fuss is anticipated there. And just as with the hyperlib█ralism rhetoric and so many other of the Babylonian Kabbalists' schemes, it appears the public isn't intended to notice them until the manifest results are already in full effect and it's right on t█p of the body politic. Not with this scheme, if I have anything to say about it.

It's just poss█ble that all this was merely intended for their Sp█ce 'contingency' and is now being deprecated, not that it's verifiable or even would especially indemnify the Babylonian Kabbalists. It's also just poss█ble that some or all of that was contrived merely for overt public effect regarding their 'limited exposure' campaign, though that seems unlikely given that it's being worked up to present as their new system rather than the 'Interim' or the 'Old W█rld Order'. But while the organization manifestly remains on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis its position is by definition inherently unreliable and untrustworthy, and as such we're relegated to contending against what they're able and have apparently been planning and organizing to implement, rather than what they necessarily will. Any less would be a dereliction of Duty.

New Age-ism is predominantly the ancient Gnosticism of the Babylonian Kabbalists and their various controlled societies throughout its organizational career sp█n, rep█ckaged for the modern crowd. We know per the rest of its org chart and its op█rating practices that each franchise serves the interests and agendas of the parent group[s] above it, so this corroborates the working theory that the Babylonian Kabbalist organization was purpose-built to serve non-incarnate, supernatural interests of entities predicated upon a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. This is certainly the claim the Bible makes about the organization, and its other claims were confirmed accurate regarding Rome and Babylon.

As we consider the planned mainstre█m implementation of ancient Gnosticism, let's also take a moment to consider how the organization managed to make 'New Age' a household term. It was through the public 'test release' of the precursor to their controlled rhetoric, 'limited exposure', faux-'anti-Establishment' 'troother' campaign, namely 'the h█ppie m█vement' back in the S█xties and Sev█nties. There's some great research compiled about it which, chock-full of evidence and source cites, illustrates how the thing was a deliberate, systematic concoction of the Un█ted States military, stereotypical organized crime, the Establishment media, and the Babylonian Kabbalists (given that it had numerous serial k█llings which occurred on ancient pagan 'holy d█ys', and child abuse which was subsequently and very suspiciously 'cov█red up' by the court system itself). In other words, it has the h█llmarks of having been a product of the major franchises on the org chart and the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group, and it brought 'New Age-ism' into the public. Now we have the 'troothers', who rely on the intern█t brought out to the public by DARPA and the Jesuit-established un█versity system, and the first thing they're being sold on is pre-prop█ganda about 'ALIENS!' and their supposed 'adv█nced spir█tual enl█ghtenment and agendas to defe█t the D█rk Forces'. Evidently when the preview sh█w worked so effectively, the organization decided the plan was ready for primet█me. Ready to sell you a new version of the old sl█ve religion.

Now to examine how they evidently intended to make it st█ck.

'Superior ALIEN! Technology!'

We pretty much never see 'ALIENS!' presented as extraterrestrial Amish or Luddites; they're typified as having accumulated the adv█nced kinds of technologies that come with having a much wiser, more adv█nced, developed, and enl█ghtened civilization. This is fairly easy for 'the gl█balists' to accomplish, having had control over the economic systems of the w█rld for ages now and dec█des of time in which to develop sequestered classified and ultraclassified technologies with what are essentially unlimited budgets. They've also had priority access to new technologies being developed by the public, with an example of this formula being the Neurophone.

Example: The Neurophone

In [1958] Dr. Patrick Flanagan developed a device which essentially did the job the ears do, processing audio data and converting it into el█ctrical signals transmitted to the n█rvous system via el█ctrodes applied to the sk█n. When he attempted to patent the device the Patent Office demanded he prove that it worked, and he did so by successfully playing an op█ratic piece to one of their deaf employees, reducing them to te█rs. The National Sec█rity Agency then promptly confiscated his invention and sl█pped a g█g order on him regarding it, which lasted for dec█des and prevented its beneficial use among the general public. In the interim the device was presumably f█rther developed using near-unlimited budgets, so we can only guess what the 'state of the █rt' for it is. But common sense tells us that if this can be done for the ears, it can also be done for the eyes. Televisions and comp█ter monitors would seem to be superfluous devices only used because the public has been deprived of a superior alternative, and relegated to using what amounts to obsolete Russian d█no-tech. It just isn't common public knowledge. Priorities, I suppose. Then there are the implications of using the inverse of the process, interpreting human brainw█ves to control technology as an input. This is only now starting to be actively researched in the public domain. We also have no means of knowing in what other areas our quality of life has likewise been █rtificially reduced and st█nted by this sort of activity from the Babylonian Kabbalist organization, but the little we do know does seem legitimate cause for very natural outr█ge.

This means that if or when these sequestered technologies are produced to the public with the equivalent of a dr█matic flourish, it will do a few things. To start with it will support in the public mindset the narrative that the 'ALIENS!' are authentic, for how else could they have developed all this great technology? Modern humans have been conditioned not to be critical thinkers even at the best of times.

Next, it has the propensity to t█rn humanity into the equivalent of 'cargo cultists'. This is absurdly easy to publicly narrate, too. 'Humans, we're eager to share our adv█nced, superior technology with you but first we have to establish that you're mature enough as a species to be ready for it and not to abuse it. Come together in peace, convert your militaries into mass eco-conservation efforts, (a definite crowd-ple█ser to be sure) and we'll gl█dly confer our technological benefits upon you.' And now you have a ready means to make sudden, drastic ch█nges to the overt gl█bal situation per your organizational agendas, quite with majority public approval.

But it also allows for something else, something that's even more pernicious, and likely the primary purpose of the whole ex█rcise. It enables the Babylonian Kabbalists to sell the international public on a new religion and system of ideology, which is quite in keeping with its organizational ambition to 'make everything Babylon again'. That's what they've been after the whole time, remember?

'Secular' New W█rld Religion

The modern public have been conditioned to conflate 'science' with 'technology', and use the terms interch█ngeably. 'Science' is of course our model of how forces interoperate. 'Technology' are usually the results of that, the applications to which that understanding has been put. And we'll need to keep that distinction clear as we evaluate this situation.

The loose thinking the common man generally has is that, 'Technology works, so the scientific narrative presented which explains why it does must also be true and correct.' For the average person, the technology itself has become very tangible 'proof' of the validity of the prevalent scientific narrative. No reasonable person could doubt that c█rs and comp█ters 'work', so to the common man 'the science' has become unqu█stionable 'fact'.

And this has been Rome's strategy ever since 'the Renaissance', 'the Enl█ghtenment' and 'The Age of Reason[s]', to get in first, control the dominant Establishment version of science and its various publicly-hyped explanations and narratives. It was first done to keep new scientific evidence from blatantly debunking the rather arrogant decrees and explanations the papacy would continually make. 'Everything in sp█ce orb█ts the E█rth... of course.' 'There is no such thing as a vacuum, because God is everywhere and the idea of a vacuum would mean there's a place God isn't, and that's heretical and blasphemous.' But having established that control over what scientific research gets funded, cond█cted, what scientific model has been accepted by the scientific community to decide what research ought to be done and how to account for the resulting data, and especially what results get hyped at the general public and what models are presented to explain it all, presented what appears to be an irresistible temptation for them: to 'get in there first' and devise sufficiently-convincing narratives to explain away the actual scientific data and evidence, and to present only the results which favor their own desired narratives and public ideologies. We've been seeing that already with things like excluding and recontextualizing the evidence debunking their evolutionary theory [more] [more] [more] and '█ig █ang' theory, [more] and more recently with things like the supposed 'c█ronavir█s' with some pretty obvious sociopolitical effects.

But the whole process becomes much easier if your organization has had the funds and the means to research and develop whole areas of science and technology well beyond what the publicly-accessible 'state of the █rt' is. Then you can contrive narratives dec█des in advance, and just decide when or indeed if you're going to publicly release them in the f█rm of 'new research and disc█veries' by unclassified corporate scientists and un█versities.

Or indeed, eventually by presenting them from the 'ALIENS!'. By then of course your narratives and explanations will have been easily-designed to appear to corroborate pseudo-scientific, pseudo-spir█tual models about 'how it all works' which comport with the Gnosticism and 'New Age-ism' you're trying to sell to the public, especially when it comes to 'free en█rgy', 'teleportation', 'healing technologies', novel varieties of 'prop█lsion technologies' and 'en█rgy-to-matter repl█cator units', which their own prop█gandists have already been public declaring to exist and committed to distributing to the public once the 'ALIENS!' finally make their appearance. Because how matter and en█rgy and sp█ce works starts getting into explanations for how Creation itself works, and the ostensibly 'scientific' begins segueing directly into the 'spir█tual'. If anyone is going to be deemed to understand how it all works it's surely going to be the 'ALIENS!' who invented the technology, yes? As usual, the 'technology' is very reasonably going to be exp█cted to 'prove' 'the science' explaining it away to the general public, and that will 'sell' the metaphysical and 'spir█tual' explanations given by them. This will presumably involve reincarnation, the supposed intrinsic imm█rtality of the human soul, 'en█rgy vibrations and fr█quencies' corresponding to a soul's development, and the usual Gnostic hype we've already been witnessing the organization putting out.

From the more tangible scientific perspective even without the addition of the 'ALIENS!', what we've been seeing even already has been a pattern of behavior which enables this. As scientific understanding (freely adm█xed with spurious, agenda-motivated rhetoric) increases, it naturally becomes ever-more complex, varied and sophisticated. The common man can't be reasonably exp█cted to learn about and understand it all, and that makes him reliant upon 'the experts'. 'Leave it all to the experts [who are collusive with the Establishment and reliant upon its continued support to keep their jobs and perceived respectability] because you're increasingly unqualified to understand it for yourself.' Rome and Babylon have been deploying exactly this strategy to areas like rights and 'the law' for cent█ries now quite publicly: the People now rely on coteries of the organization's own attorneys, judges, legislators and politicians to tell them all how 'the law' is supposed to work and what the limits and authorities of legitimate governments are and are not, which is great work if you can get it. Present models which aren't consistent with the prevalent one and they'll get rejected by the common man, regardless of how well-founded and solidly-established in evidence, as being 'la█ghably and ludicrously wrong, and evidence of either incompetence or instability'. And that's when the public rhetoric has set in so thoroughly that it effectively becomes self-enforcing. The organization no longer needs to actively enforce the dominant paradigm, because the common man will do that all on his own both individually and en masse. The official groupthink has 'g█lled', become a faith-based religion so intensely str█ng that there's no reasonable ch█nce of rejecting or gainsaying it, let alone meaningfully defying it. In purely economic and logistical terms it's the cheapest method known to man of enforcing totalitarianism; nobody wants to defy or reject it, and usually isn't even capable of thinking to in the first place. It has overwhelming h█dden costs, however: it's like cr█ppling everyone so they cannot reject your control over them, and the resulting diminishment of quality of life and indeed loss of life is so unconscionable as to be completely repugnant to anyone with the slightest remnant of morality. Priorities.

But then, one doesn't typically establish conspiracies for benevolent or charitable purposes, not unless there's 'duress' involved and they're aware of no other viable options. Conspiracies are therefore suspect by definition for that very reason. It's generally too late to stop these kinds of efforts once they've come into full effect and force; they've by then normalized. Premature exposure is therefore vital.

The formula essentially shifts the narratives and sophistry 'up one level' to the scientific Establishment, and later the 'ALIENS!', and each of those become the dispensers and perceived authorities regarding what 'the truth' is, in a manner which the common man is unable to confr█nt, evaluate for himself, address and correct.

If the formula sounds familiar that's because it is. It's the same 'priesthood' formula Rome had been using for ages middle-manning the Bible for the public. During the Middle Ages by decree, only its clergy were 'allowed' to own Bibles and then only the corr█pted versions which the Vat█can had approved. Anyone else 'caught' owning a Bible would have their life and all their property t█ken via force of arms by the state. This resulted in a situation in which the Vat█can effectively became the Bible, and the public had to rely on it. This information monopoly continued by force until the invention of the printing pr█ss when that kind of suppression became unfeasible to maintain. People were able to compare what the Bible actually said with what Rome was actually doing, and the massive public outr█ge resulted in the Protestant 'Ref█rmation' which could only partially be suppressed by force, and eventually required cent█ries of espi█nage-like methods, public fraud campaigns and subversion which are only now seeing their completion. But if Rome had never been able to establish that information monopoly in the first place the whole thing could have been averted, and as that appears to be what the Babylonian Kabbalists and 'its' franchise Rome are seeking to establish yet again, we appear to be in exactly the right positioning and moment in history to notice, recognize, organize and prevent it.

Not only is this formula already familiar, we can even see the same usual suspects having organized it including the Vat█can itself. Doing a 'Search in page' here for the phrase, 'Now if we go on to examine' illustrates this quite effectively. The narrated source for the 'ALIENS!' is or was presented as being so very far away from us that ordinary telesc█pes were incapable of detecting it; only the big, ultra-expensive ones would have that capability, and those could only be afforded by well-Established (and collusive) agencies, meaning the data produced by them would be under a monopoly of control resulting in information control. Additionally it involved new viewing capabilities of which the older models were quite incapable; peering into the infrar█d for example, and other parts of the spectr█m not visible to the naked ey█. The Jesuits' 'LUC█FER' camera in the Large Binocular Telesc█pe on Mo█nt Graham for example, and the recently-installed and much-lauded James W█bb Sp█ce Telesc█pe, with its very prominent and numerologically-significant h█xagonal receiving d█sh, symbolically announcing that any results coming from it are on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which are inherently untrustworthy.

For all the ultra-modern new technologies it remains the same organizations, agendas, interests and pretty much the same basic strategies the Babylonian Kabbalists have been deploying since at least the Middle Ages. Everything old it seems is new again, particularly when you have the majority of the public who still haven't learned their history from the last time it was done to them and are thus unfamiliar with the strategies, agendas and so on.

The 'ALIENS!' themselves are just the more obvious attention-getting device; it's what they've been planned to sell the public that are the substance. Effectively a new priesthood, for a religion which claims to have all the solid undeniability of science and fact. A mass ideology designed to be unassailable by the average person, and to which anyone rejecting it can be easily lab█led as 'mentally unst█ble' and even 'd█ngerously wrongthinking and extremist'.

And if it proves to be true that the metaphysical 'forces' and 'entities' lauded by 'New Age-ism', ancient pagan Gnosticism, and in routine and systematic use by the organization's non-overtly active 'psych█cs', the 'telepaths and propheciers' (and I can confirm firsthand that they have those capabilities) are in fact underwr█tten by counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature based 'spir█t entities', then the w█rld will have been 'sold' on an ideology which has chucked Divine Will and routinely accepts those instead. Modified, revised and updated 'dem█nology' given a secular-looking presentation. It sounds a little 'out there' to suggest, but the organization per the available evidence has been planning it for quite some while now:


'We are really f█ced with a cru█l dilemma. When the humans disbelieve in our existence we lose all the ple█sing results of direct terr█rism and we make no m█gicians. On the other hand, when they believe in us, we cannot make them materialists and s[k]eptics. At least, not yet. I have great h█pes that we shall learn in due time how to em█tionalise and mythologise their science to such an extent that what is, in effect, a belief in us, (though not under that name) will creep in while the human mind remains closed to belief in the En█my. [...] If once we can produce our perfect work—the Materialist Mag█cian, the man, not using, but veritably worshipping, what he vaguely calls 'Forces' while denying the existence of 'spir█ts'—then the end of the w█r will be in sight.' - C.S. Lewis, 'The Scr█wt█pe Lett█rs'