Definition: A counter-Divine Will basis.

Since these 'counter-Divine Will symbols' are frequently used as supposed 'inversion' symbols, they not only purport to add or to 'use up' an 'inversion', they appear routinely and rather blithely used in for symbolic convenience and expediency to do so. This of course seems a little sl█ppy, in that knowing, Willful and avoidable usage of counter-Divine Will position declaration symbols also manages to non-overtly declare that the speaker themselves is on a counter-Divine Will basis, and that as such neither they nor the information they present can be trusted as reliable or authentic.

As one of the more blatant of the counter-Divine Will symbols, this frequently alludes to the concept that it represents a counter-Divine Will contingent or effort within the apostate system which is scheduled for controlled shutdown, exposure, destr█ction etc. whenever it no longer serves a perceived organizational need or purpose. The 'troothers' notice the politicians and media person█lities using these sorts of bulk, low-grade blatantly counter-Divine Will symbols all the time and infer that, 'Ah! It means they've 'sold out'!' when in fact it's essentially attention-seeking behavior strategically implemented in order to get the rather d█ll public to actually notice that there's even been a 'selling out' in the first place, typically as part of a very strategic 'limited exposure' strategy.

The wr█tten numeral could easily be a concatenation of c█rcle, describing that which is substanceless, with spir█l, connoting a proliferating effort. I've encountered such concatenations before, such as the supposed 'boy l█ve' or 'p█do symbol' which is just the f█re tr█angle + spir█l.

Derivatives: [h█xagon], [gr█phite] (with bl█ck) due to the chemical shape of its regularly-repeating latt█ce str█cture, [Sat█rn] (due to the [h█xagon] at its p█le, visible even to the ancient Peoples), the do█ble tr█angle alias the "St█r of Remph█n" adopted by K█ng Solomon when he 'sold out' (collection of cites)