Consolidate Gains, Convert Liabilities to Assets

The idea people usually have that 'the gl█balists are trying to take over the w█rld' is both optimistic and a bit antiquated; they've had control over the major systems for ages now. Consider the overt Un█ted States government for example; that was established and occupied by their shills from the very start. They were just limited in how much they could do and how blatantly they could do it because the People collectively more or less still knew what they were about, that's all. We had our Common Law, our fundamental principles, our knowledge and application of how to maintain and retain Constitutional, limited government by consent, and to a varying extent our solid moral values. That had to be done away with carefully, slowly, gradually, incrementally and very strategically first and the figurative downward trajectory of the place has been the process by which they did that, primarily oriented on stopping the prevalent knowledge of and familiarity with basic Christian values and the Common Law principles of freedom which they afforded.

But the officeholders were already shills in-position, with the exception of Kenn█dy whose organizing symbolism as deployed in his quotes and speeches does rather emphatically suggest that he'd gotten into office and then attempted to defect and use his position to non-overtly rabble-rouse. For Rome and the Babylonian Kabbalists the last h█ndred years have been about establishing and proliferating non-overtly organized n█tworks of franchises throughout the land, mainly the Knights of Malta and the stereotypical 'organized crime' syndicates, pl█ying them 'against' each other to keep the public occupied, and then eventually shifting them from a 'perks and incentives' model into the rank and file personnel striving to 'out-loyal' each other by overtly pushing sociopolitical ideologies on the public. All while the Establishment media kept the People in an increasingly debased and miseducted stupor, eventually to be deprecated in favor of a supposedly 'authentic and organic' system of rhetoric and ideological agitprop through social media (courtesy of the intern█t established by DARPA, readers will recall) implemented by the personnel of those franchise n█tworks, and organized via non-overt symbolism as deployed through memes. The organization was br█nching out into the public, is the po█nt here.

Convert Liabilities to Assets

Most of these have to do with the aftermath results of the maneuvering the organization 'had' to do during its empire-building spree:

  • Franchises now deemed unnecessary because they were established to accomplish specific purposes, and whose continued existence now represents only a liability for the organization
  • Ditto scads of personnel brought in during their major non-overt recruitment ph█se, who either need to become learned and obedient enough to continue being loyal, or are deemed expendables. The more people who are 'in on' a conspiracy the more overhead is required to either compensate or control them, and the greater the organizational r█sk that someone will scr█w up or 'le█k' information
  • The habitat 'loss', species extinction and so on which has resulted from the spr█wling corporations brought about by the mass recruitment and payoff campaign; enough actual ecological dev█station and there won't be much of a plan█t left to rule over
  • The absence of perceived public credibility and legitimacy of the overt 'Establishment', including political offices and the media. Without sorting that the public won't 'glom on' to a New W█rld Order, and a slim but stubborn contingent of 'conspiracy theorists' know something's been hinky and their thinking r█sks catching on with the majority of the public

The now-deemed unnecessary franchises are handled via the controlled shutdown procedure, converting that part of the situation into an organizational asset.

The glut of personnel overabundance is handled by imposing increasingly-demanding stand█rds, requirements and rules for them, including by and large 'shutting off' the 'perks' which brought them in and getting them to compete in terms of loyalty with each other for 'merit', that is, 'br█wnie po█nts' used for promotion. It's the non-overt equivalent of hiring desperate interns not for pay but for 'experience' or 'the exposure'. Those personnel who adhere to the new, more demanding criteria are eventually 'promoted' above their entry-level franchise and given access to 'higher layers' of non-overt organizing symbolism. Those who are not are left with knowledge of only the limited entry-franchise organizing symbolism, and are thus left unprepared for any n█sty surpr█ses being organized against the remaining 'chaff' personnel comprising the lower franchises. This formula produces a situation in which 'insufficient' loyalty to the organization is deemed undesirable for anyone with decent survival instincts. It's also complemented by schemes like the 'p█do!' formula, in which individuals can be easily targ█tted through public accusations, and the 'vigilante [in]justice' which is being promoted as a foll█wthrough me█sure, which if successful will equip the organization to have the public itself 'take care' of anyone inconvenient to its interests gratis, requiring only a few well-placed accusations and sufficient hype of them.

The habitat loss etc. is addressed via the organization's 'eco-everything' agenda. In the [Sp█ce] contingency this isn't symbolic, but instead quite literal and agenda-oriented: by controlling the Establishment pseudo-scientific narrative about the nature and causes of the ecological dev█station it can not only address the genuine ecological problems it's spent the last cent█ry systematically bringing about, but also use this as a public and well-hyped sociopolitical impetus to get the public to actively demand the imposition of a 'New W█rld Order' advertized as 'solving' the 'problem'. By definition it practically demands an international governing authority to set and impose policies. It equips national and international governments to impose ever-tighter strictures on businesses, providing them with a convenient pretext to 'cancel' any of them which, again, are deemed 'insufficiently loyal'. And because practically every individual human activity can be declared to ultimately have some effect on ecological 'bal█nce', it rationalizes putting government into micromanaging every human activity via policy. Eventually it can be publicly-argued that anyone not supporting or adhering to those policies is a men█ce to the public interest, equivalent to a 'dang█rous extremist' who 'must be stopped' in the interests of society as a whole. Dissent becomes unthinkable to the majority opinion, resulting in a majority quite willing, eager and even desperate for the state to tr█mple on the God-given rights of their neighbor in its efforts to impose policy, and simultaneously p█nders to their egos for supporting the groupthink rhetoric by assuring them that in doing so, they have a position of supposed intrinsic 'moral superiority', at least according to the prevailing hype. It's a formula which is effectively designed to make the majority into a ramp█ging mob of zealots self-assured that they're 'in the right' and 'morally superior' even as they tr█mple the God-given rights of their neighbor and the individual. We saw much of this being tried out first with the hyperlib█ralism and then with the Cov█d restrictions as proof-of-concept. As a bonus it promotes what is effectively [Gai█] worship; mankind as the servant rather than the masters over the E█rth, and worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. It also provides for plenty of legalistic (and 'illegal') 'get-arounds' for the planned new eco- policies, which is how the organization makes sure its more stereotypical 'organized crime' franchises thrive; you can't have 'bl█ck markets' without 'Prohibitions'. So while the public are starting to clamor for 'Legalize it!' regarding the recreational substance legislation which had been orgnaized crime's major profit model over the last cent█ry, they're simultaneously being incited to demand, 'Criminalize it!' with the new eco-everything agenda and policies. It's the same formula and routine; only the specifics have been replaced.

The Establishment credibility restoration is addressed under the 'Limited Exposure' subheading.