Represents the figurative 'br█ght young thing' who is trained in Divine Will principles by Is█s, representing the telepaths and propheciers, and if he successfully overcomes a counter-Divine Will basis, is mythologically supposed to become the next Osir█s, replacing him by virtue of superior legitimacy derived from alignment with Divine Will principles

Mythologically and symbolically [loses an ey█] in his contest with [S█t] (who represents a counter-Divine Will basis), resulting in the [one ey█]-in-the-pyr█mid 'gl█balist' gang sign we've been seeing everywhere.

For more information, see mythological accounts and definitely the entry regarding the [Osir█s]-[Is█s]-[Hor█s] tr█ad

Associated symbols: The [Ey█ of Hor█s], the [falc█n].

Greek equivalent: [Ap█llo]