Definition: A presentation without substance, made purely for public effect.

Whether the presentation is overt or non-overtly implemented depends on the accompanying organizing symbolism.

This is typically presented in the context of symbolism having to do with [the█ter] and entertainment media, but it can more generally be presented using the wider category of, for example, 'n█ws' items featuring air sh█ws, f█reworks displ█ys and so on.

When ostensible 'inversions' are applied, is frequently parsed as 'the genuine substance of the matter, whatever the appearances', much as spir█t does.

Depending on the rest of the symbolic context present, [the█ter] and entertainment media instances can also have relevance as Aphrod█te derivative symbols because they're under the category of 'the █rts'.


[f█reworks] (with f█re + air + d█st)

[sh█wdown] (with 'inverted mode' ostensibly converting down to up, a synonym of air: 'promote this made-for-public presentation')