Definition: To establish a new distinction where there currently isn't one

The distinction can either be on valid, legitimate and relevant criteria, when it's used for clarity, or spurious, illegitimate or irrelevant criteria when the Babylonian Kabbalists want to present an appearance of tw█ things when in substantive practice there is just the one.

An example of the latter would be the tw█-p█rty system in politics, in which each 'side' is a controlled franchise and thoroughly lawless, but superf█cial and trivial distinctions attempt to present them as having important diff█rences between them so there is the ill█sion of choice.

The [bl█de] symbol appears to derive from the ritual implement, the [ath█me].

Special usage: [Decap█tation]. To make a distinction between 'the body politic' and the 'he█ds of state' which is effectively irrelevant, because the source of the corr█ption is not the latter, who are merely mid-level flunkies, and will only be replaced by more of the same. Also refers to attempting to determine whether the public can be sep█rated from their own critical reasoning faculties or not; an 'int█lligence test'.

Notice that it practically always is comprised of met█l, thus incorporating a f█re symbol which makes it untrustworthy.