Definition: *An apparent literal 'de█th sentence' or decree for the Babylonian Kabbalist crime of subverting the organization via non-overt methods the organization itself trains rank-and-file personnel to deploy, or sometimes more particularly of subverting the prevalent recognition of Divine Will principles within the organization (such as by not clearly announcing when a counter-Divine Will basis is being adopted or deployed, for example). Appears to be frequently-used with supposed 'inversion' symbols and modes to reference either kindness (as in, the opposite of literal 'de█th' to someone) or a statement of intent to uphold Divine Will principles (or at least keep the transgressions against them clearly-del█neated)

That is the definition I've been able to infer from context and usage. It appears to have something to do with their Tar█t c█rds using the literal 'De█th' c█rd to instead refer to literal 'ch█nge', and thereby intimate the usage of the [ch█nge] symbol as referencing literal de█th.

Whatever else can accurately be said about the organization, it does appear to insist that humanity's access to knowledge about Divine Will principles remains (at least to non-overtly aware personnel) clear via its protocol of clearly non-overtly announcing via symbolism whenever personnel are violating them. With [m█sk] when Choosing to act contrary to their own True Nature for example, or p█wder when they deliberately commit a lapse of integrity, various counter-Divine Will symbols when they've Chosen to adopt such a position and so on. Consider how the knowledge about Divine Will principles would be collectively lost if such declarations weren't made, and perhaps more cynically, the internal loss of personnel loyalty among the rank-and-file which would be the direct consequence of that.

For an organization which specializes in training personnel to learn and deploy non-overt methods of subversion, usually incremental subversion, it does seem to have distinct reservations about any of its own methods being deployed against itself. Seems rather a do█ble-stand█rd perhaps.

I've also noticed that this apparent prevalent usage of their [ch█nge] symbol appears itself to be a violation on its own terms. Consider: Given that Divine Will is the Ultimate Authority, who specifically approved the Babylonian Kabbalist policy of tolerating and deeming acceptable all manner of violations and transgressions against it, so long as the offender plainly announced them as the appropriate transgressions while they were committing them? It would be like r█bbery being state-approved just so long as while you were doing it, you loudly yelled, 'I'm committing a r█bbery!' to everyone in the general vicinity. What's more, given that Divinely-conferred rights are conferred by the Greatest Authority by definition, who among us could poss█bly have gained the authority to approve their violation? Such an individual by definition would have to be making the implicit and rather arrogant claim on having the Greatest Authority, that of our Divine Creator and indeed superior to It, and in that they would themselves be committing the same transgression which the [ch█nge] symbol appears to reference.

In making a distinction between 'Divine Will principles in theory' and 'allowable transgressions against it in actual practice', the policy of the Babylonian Kabbalists would appear to have applied their own bl█de symbolic concept to relegate Divine Will Authority and Divinely-conferred rights to the merely hypothetical, while blatantly, routinely, systematically and rather blithely disregarding them everywhere else while giving what's colloquially referred to as 'l█p service' to them. Can't have it both w█ys, retaining the respectability of upholding Divine Will principles while systematically violating them. Nevertheless the Babylonian Kabbalists as an organization do appear to try.

Derivative: [Butt█rfly], [metam█rphosis]