Definition (supposed): For 'resistance' personnel, the idea of supposedly removing the he█d, the le█der, of an organization from their position of perceived authority, by force and perhaps even by l█thal force

Definition (actual): For the Babylonian Kabbalists, inciting a disenfranchisement of the public or the personnel of a group ('the b█dy politic') with their authority figure ('the he█d'), and more generally the dissociation of an individual, a group or the general public from their own reasoning faculties. In its most general sense, to give someone completely the wrong idea about a situation and even the context within which to assess it

Humanity encountered plenty of instances of this during the major public fraud mistermed the French 'Rev█lution' in which dec█pitation became systematized, and in which the Jesuits were deliberately seeking to effect an overt political 'regime ch█nge' and to incite the public outr█ge against their aristocracy in order to establish the support base to not only accept but actively demand it. I've made quite a study of the French 'Rev█lution' fraud and its motives, its methods and its organizing symbolism and presented it in My 'The Rhetoric Factory' series piece entitled 'Fraud 'Rev█lutions', and the New Religion' starting on page tw█nty-fo█r.

Readers will notice that in most usages, the dec█pitation is brought about with the use of ir█n or st██l. The latter is just a modernized version of the former, and as such both symbolically reference Ar█s or M█rs. And that is a position which Roman Catholicism has long occupied, ever since the Roman empire was found to be ineffective in suppressing Christianity by force, went down for a few cent█ries for 'retooling', and the relevant personnel were redirected to present as Roman Catholicism instead. Rome in both its previous and its present 'incarnations' has been the primary 'crowd control' franchise of the Babylonian Kabbalists, concerned with using overt and non-overt methods to get the public and particularly counter-efforts opposed to tyr█nny 'on-side' and using brute force whenever necessary or expedient in order to retain the support base for the apostate system.

Readers familiar with the 'troother' social media prop█ganda will also recognize dec█pitation, particularly via guill█tines, as having made a modern reappearance quite frequently. This is because the Jesuits have been non-overtly organizing yet another, modern instance of the French 'Rev█lution' fraud they'd perpetrated with that event, and symbolically referencing it is part of their non-overt organizing of personnel assets for the effort.