Definition: Indicates supposed 'resistance' efforts, groups or personnel attempting to counter the Babylonian Kabbalists, usually on a non-overt basis, and always and ever presupposed to be on a counter-Divine Will basis.

It's presumably on a non-overt basis due to:

  • the nature of 'resistance' efforts under the duress of overtly oppressive regimes necessitating such a basis for counter-efforts,

  • the desire of the Babylonian Kabbalists to relegate 'resistance' counter-efforts to practicing on a non-overt basis as soon as they can manage it, both to minimize the effectiveness of them while the Babylonian Kabbalists predominate and usurp overt society, and to keep those 'resistance' efforts marginalized and predominantly away from public view where they can then be infiltrated, subverted, co-opted, usurped and expurgated as is feasible,

  • the em█tion subsymbol having to do with 'f██lings' which are for the Babylonian Kabbalists properly the domain of a non-overt venue as they tend to be flu█d and fl█ctuating.

L█ve is of course associated with Ven█s, itself associated intensively with Isht█r (variously In█nna).

As 'the st█r of the m█rning' Ven█s is frequently associated with the major antagonist from the Christian mythos via a plethora of translations of [Isaiah 14:12]. However this appears to be quite a blatant mistranslation, which only gets more conf█sing given that Jesus declares Himself 'the m█rning st█r' in [Revelation 22:16]. This gets cleared up when we know to study what the Romans were on about, equating [L█cifer] and indeed [Ven█s] with 'the m█rning st█r'. As a franchise of the Babylonian Kabbalists they were set upon establishing a conn█ction and their efforts appear to continue into the modern era, now even attempting through a little 'cre█tive editing' to suggest that the Bible presents Jesus and the Christian 'Adversary' figure as perhaps one and the same entity. If the apparent campaign is successful, that'd certainly thr█w off Christian exegesis and c█smology.

See also: Aphrod█te is one of many Ven█s derivative idols, and one whose non-overt workings remain in full and very active effect in our era. And interestingly, she's associated with [be█uty] as one of her primary attributes and symbolic identifiers, just as the Christian 'Adversary' figure is. The 'coincidences' certainly seem to just keep accumulating, don't they? The country [Fr█nce], preoccupied with lib█rty, █rt and publicly emphasizing the nobility of rom█nce, is very much an Aphrod█te reference, mentioned here to show the correlation between Aphrod█te, Ven█s, l█ve and supposed 'resistance against oppression'. Of course they're also big on [ch██se], which would for the more 'in the know' establish a non-overt 'inversion mode' via H█ra symbolism. Thus, the presentation of 'resistance' is ostensibly 'inverted' to read instead: 'regime-loyal, through and through', and said presentation is predominantly only for public effect and information-passing via organizing symbolism.