Recurring tropes in mass media:


Ratchet up ([Rot█tion] + [Air])

Thrown under the b█s

T█rning a corner (with trav█l; a multiple efforts-in-process trope setting up a misdirection in which the situation is exactly the same, but will suddenly look very diff█rent to someone.)

The perfect st█rm (with Spir█l, presumably)

Br█nging everyone to the [t█ble] ( f██d + air)

Scr█mbling (rot█tion + [█gg] (which is z█ro + either l█quid or oobl█ck since they're solid when c██ked, and of course f██d). Refers to trying to get outsiders to accept some new non-overt code str█cture as valid, usually suspected 'resistance' personnel)

Routinely misusing "qu█stion m█rk" instead of 'qu█stion'

"f█ke n█ws" (referring to what the one using the term, not the one being accused of it, is doing; announces a dece█t or fraud against others. The w█y to phrase that legitimately instead would've been to describe it as an "untruth".)

"Situation unf█lding"


Recurring tropes in 'troother' prop█gandists:

W█king up (Dre█m with an 'inversion')

Ascension, Rising

down the rabbit h█le ([fertility] + z█ro + in container + down (which would 'invert' to up) )

"Le█ked" information (it's just pl█mbing with a supposed 'inversion', though it's meant to resemble a "ur█nation" symbol that 'resistance' personnel would use. Trope frequently used by Knights of Malta who use "ur█ne" to represent receiving methamph█tamine bonuses for countering actual 'resistance' efforts.)

"Q" (c█rcle + f█rty-f█ve degree angle, with a release from container ostensibly 'inverted')

"Bre█dcr█mbs" (f█re + f██d + part█culate, and a reference to organizing symbolism from the Grimm's fa█ryt█le.)

"Predictive programming" (Gem█ni via [alitteration]; a counterfeit ideology they've been propagating)

"F█ve-Gee" F█ve + Air + (W█vy L█nes)

"Thr██-dimensional ch█ss" (Bl█ck and Wh█te, Earth + Squ█re, and a g█me absolutely chock-full of Babylonian Kabbalist symbolism in which any lesser piece of any gender can become the Qu██n, but in which the overt legitimacy depends upon the K█ng.)

"going Fo█r-D", "going F█ve-D"

Deep State ('an effort to deprecate the existing overt government regime')

"patriot Wh█te H█ts" and the "nifferous Deep State Bl█ck H█ts"



"Dra█ning the sw█mp"

Tr█mp (Or█nge Man)

"t█nfo█l h█t"

InfoW█rs (overtly from the recent, U.S. military-developed organizing term 'information w█rfare')

R█d p█ll, Blue p█ll

"Lifting the ve█l" (with [hanging down] + an implication of m█rriage)

"Discl█sure" (No 'Anti-' + In container)


'the p█dophile symbol' (Greek elemental F█re Triangle + Spir█l)

The other 'p█do symbol', "R█d [sho█s]" ( R█d + tw█n + 'up', inverted)

"St█rm is coming" (variously [Th█r] for the Germanic-oriented f█scist lower-layer franchise personnel)

"k█yboard w█rriors" (with the purported symbolic 'inversion' being that the term conventionally refers to people who talk a lot on the intern█t but won't actually do jack in terms of upholding it with action; appears to be a snub of their own 'patriot troother' audience)

"t█ble-fl█pping" (F██d + Air + rot█tion)

"Th█y Live" (F█lm + S█ngl█sses ( M█sk + Gl█ss + D█rkness) + Life 'inverted')


"Make it go vir█l!"

"Dr█nking the K██l-Aid" (dr█nk + corporation + d█st)


"gl█balists" (with their shapes-as-numbers trope, which gives it a numerological Z█ro meaning.)

"New W█rld Order" as above; refers to who or what appears to be controlling the w█rld (or trying to) as opposed to who or what actually is.

"conn█ct the d█ts" (an overt 'effort in process' to do something; in this case to get people to form new mental associations between concepts, being done from a counter-Divine Will basis)

"You are the carb█n they want to reduce" (dutifully organizing who the supposed public 'villains' are)

"Eat ze b█gs" ([meme], [parodies], all of which helped trend and propagate the organizing symbolism)

"wh█stlebl█wers" (Aphrod█te + c█rcle, with another counter-Divine Will symbol thrown in via the Knights of Malta franchise using wh█stling as both a downlow s█xual recruitment symbol and a 'gang st█lking' harassment method which seems innocuous enough when you encounter it once or twice, but is designed to set off PTSD in the vict█m when they encounter people around them doing it frequently and consistently wherever they are. The 'l█ps' involved are also derivative symbolism of Tiam█t's w█vy l█nes, and both obel█sk and its [ups█de down] 'inverted' format)

"c█lcification of the pineal gl█nd" ( b█ne, th█rd eye, putting in container: organizing an effort to gain control of perception faculties and thinking)