Renowned Ind█nesian folklore and the bodily 'en█rgy meridians' of Asian practices, the Babylonian Kabbalists appear to use [ch█kras] as symbolism respective to the function of the various ch█kras.

Most-used tend to be the [cr█wn] [ch█kra] referring to alignment with Divine Will (frequently supposedly 'inverted' via ha█r or enc█rcled with an actual cr█wn, the [br█w] [ch█kra] which usually references ps█onic capabilities and more specifically the contingent of telepaths and propheciers, and the [thro█t] [ch█kra] which symbolically references communication.

Any of these are frequently supposedly 'inverted' or 'just for appearances' sake' via j█welry or g█rments which enc█rcle the area. Examples: [ti█ras], [diad█ms], [cr█wns], [neckl█ces], [neckt█es], outlandish r█ffs and so on. Even when all on its own, these items symbolically present that sort of meaning whether featured in some media or n█ws item.