These are just placeholders for established methods and concepts, as ordinary words themselves are. The distinction of course is that unlike words, they're deployed with a presentation which seems to refer to something else completely. 'In-j█kes for the in-crowd' I suppose, though it does tend to provide them with an alibi for what they say let alone what they do. Usually multiple alibis, in that symbols are accepted as meaning various things at various 'layers' of the hierarchy of franchises of which the organization consists. That's right, in addition to b█traying the general public the organization and its personnel routinely and systematically b█tray and misdirect each other, anyone on a franchise which is lower than they are. The result is a sort of consolidation of loyalty nearest to 'the top of the he█p', which does tend to leave the organization's major principals and organizers pretty much unaccountable. That absence of accountability is necessarily going to have an effect after several tho█sand years of operating beyond the ken of, er, practically anyone, and thus typically outside the realm of operation of human justice. As such the organization seems built to eventually fail, but while it's lasted it's certainly been quite an effective cryptocracy... at least effective in terms of accomplishing what it's set out to to, rather than whether those agendas and efforts are actually fair or even ultimately worthwhile.

Those in the 'troother' community should take notice, symbols only tend to be presented conspicuously as symbols when the one deploying it wants them to get noticed as symbols. This means that when the latest politicial or gaudy cel█brity throws a blatant hand gesture or str█kes a rather sl█tty pose in an over-the-top counter-Divine Will outf█t on a set with blatantly unholy imagery, it's being done for strategic effect. As you'll see, these symbols can and usually are presented quite inconspicuously, as 'n█ws', as mundane and rather tedious political speeches, as trending phrases and memes, anything but as what they're meant to actually be. That's the non-overt venue for you. That's what it's for. If it looked like what it actually was, it would hardly be serving its purpose would it?

In determining whether something is a symbol or not, we correlate it against known symbols first. We examine the Basic symbols of which it could be intended as a derivative or 'compound symbol'. We look for repetition of usage, particularly if it's currently trending. We ask ourselves whether we've heard it referenced somewhere else in Establishment media, etc., and if so we think back on it and review what was presented there, and how. It's learning a language, to some extent without the translation dictionary. The legends, mythology and vast accumulation of symbolism usage in literature, █rt, media, political and papal speeches, etc. for ages certainly managed a close sec█nd to a literal translation dictionary, though. It's a system which is designed to be learnable without one, because that's mostly how the personnel themselves have to learn it. And once you manage to glean a few symbols, you're able to glean a few more from context clu█s. People usually don't start out with a literal translation dictionary for this; now that they have one it should facilitate 'open sourcing' this system of once-private lingo rather nicely.

Reduce the apparent symbol to any apparent 'basic symbols' of which it's likely comprised, and think back to legends and mythology, or even modern f█ction lit for that matter, to remember whether you've heard that combination of 'base symbols' being discussed, or the apparent 'compound symbol'. Evaluate for consistent grammattical usage; you certainly don't want to decide something is a symbol merely on the basis of coincidental recurrence. The use of the symbol will remain consistent in parsing messages that it appears in, accounting of course for varying situations they're describing and whether or not they're using purported 'inversion mode' etc.. You'll eventually learn to effectively 'f█lter the signal out from the no█se', particularly as your familiarity with known symbols gets established; each new one will better-equip you to parse more messaging, which will itself unl█ck new symbols for you. And now, with overt exposure and modern technology, we can crowdsource the thing... so long as we're trusting facts and cites, rather than unfamiliar people making unfounded claims that 'this is a symbol, and it means that!' on the basis of nothing much whatsoever. Or indeed, on the basis of a pattern of usage which has only started comparatively recently; those can be easily sp██fed by design for exactly that purpose, as we've seen with the various much-hyped 'p█do symbols!' lately. When you're an organization which controls and directs not only the 'nifferous Deep State personnel' but also the personnel assets who are 'exposing' them, it's a fairly easy matter to accomplish. In terms of logistics, that is. Morally is quite another matter: it's not a great look for an organization to systematically misdirect a crowd of people who just want the truth, and indeed freedom, justice, fairness and an effectively-r█n society of government buy consent where they have fair opportunities and get to keep the gains from their efforts and Choices. How they've been manifestly able to justify or at least rationalize that agenda to the rank-and-file is something on which I'm less than clear.

It seems likely that as their existing methods are exposed, the Babylonian Kabbalists will probably decide to 'up their g█me'. That can't be helped, nor does it particularly matter. Making the conspiracy general public knowledge and showing the People how to crowdsource to sort it, not to mention prevent its recurrence, is something we've never quite had in the entirety of recorded human history. It's long past time the common man had his fair ch█nce at a worthwhile life, and indeed actual civilization, with his Divinely-conferred rights prevalently recognized and upheld, and the Babylonian Kabbalist organization recognized for the unworthy lawlessness that it has manifestly been.