'As above, so below.'

- H█rmes Tr█smegistus, paraphrased

Definition: Situations which are currently manifested, but which are not desired by the apostate system

Alternate metaphysical definition: The products of base animal humanity alone, which must be overcome yet currently are not

Those definitions are internally regarded within the organization to be synonymous.

Depending on the context, these common-usage definitions could apply instead:

Definition: A directive to deprecate, demote or even to extirpate this group, cause, ideology, effort etc. being messaged about

Definition: Things the masses currently desire, insist upon or demand which are deemed obstr█ctive to the efforts of the apostate system

Definition: The currently-manifested the matter, not neccessarily having anything to do with reason, justice, Divine Will and so on

When ostensibly 'inverted', parses instead as Air

Alternatively, is used as the opposite of Wat█r and as such represents overt situations and efforts (whether apostate system-derived or not) as distinct from those occurring on a non-overt basis, for which Wat█r is used. In such usages Earth and Wat█r ostensibly 'invert' into each other as antonyms.

Synonyms for the 'demotion' sense: [down], [f██t] (with Gem█ni) and gesturing 'down low' on the body, st█pping on, [cr█shing], etc., [f█lling] (meaning 'is demoted, disfavored or penalized')

See the examples presented in St█p On.

Synonyms for the 'overt' sense: [male] (antonym: [f█male]), [solid] (antonym: [l█quid]), stra█ght l█nes (with a counter-Divine Will basis)