This one's fairly easy. It represents a counter-Divine Will basis due to pre-'g█rm theory' ideas about the causes of s█cknesses back in ancient Mesopotamia to early modern Europe.

More specifically as something which is spread among the crowds from person to person in some previously-unknown manner, it tends to symbolically represent supposed 'resistance' efforts being propagated non-overtly which the state, consistent with its r█le as overt 'counter-resistance' and 'order'-enforcer, then establishes policies in an effort to 'shut down'.

If the supposed 'resistance' effort is not in fact on a counter-Divine Will basis then we get symbolism and imagery as we did during the [cor█na] vir█s routine, with seemingly omnipresent images of microscopic sph█res and prevalent social arguments over inf█ted testing numbers and wildly-skewed data. The publicly-hyped narrative on both 'sides' of that international fracass were developed and implemented by personnel of the Babylonian Kabbalist organization and its franchises. Readers will recall the emphasis on [inj█ctions] ( pen█tration + f██d ) being touted (or denounced) as the much-hyped 'solution' to the 'problem'. Acceptance of a counter-Divine Will basis is of course never the 'solution' to a 'problem'. Nor is m█sking, that is, rejection of your own Divinely-conferred True Nature. It's a great pity the organization proved itself perfectly Willing to routinely and systematically encroach against Divinely-conferred rights as a means of propagating organizing symbolism and establishing overt policy and ideological shifts to promote its various agendas.

We can also see the symbol in prevalent usage in the Babylonian Kabbalist-concocted 'troother' disinfo community, in which prop█ganda and rhetoric purporting to be 'patriotic', 'counter-gl█balist' and so on is contrived by the organization's various 'troother guru' personnel and the public are then encouraged to 'make this go vir█l!', causing them to serve as unwitting amplifiers for the mass-ideologically-influencing rhetoric. Fraud as ever encroaches against free will agency, and it's disappointing to see the Babylonian Kabbalist organization helping itself to the labor, unpaid, of the common man whose intention is to free both himself and his neighbor, only to misapply his efforts to f█rther cons█gning both to an ensl█ved condition. It's likewise disappointing to find the common man blithely accepting, free of any apparent critical reasoning or sense of 'due diligence'-based research, the claims of said 'troother gurus' as automatically valid and free of suspicion, and then reposting them to all and sundry. B█ndw█ggoning sans the upholding of sound, fair and effective principles doesn't make anyone 'freer', and the Babylonian Kabbalists have been very deftly ensuring that.