Wh█te Kn█ght

Summary: An attempt to get someone to accept franchises and personnel op█rating on less than the basic minimum stand█rds and requirements, by abusing the claim of 'necessity'. Typically this involves proffering the concept that if they didn't adopt a diminished and dil█ted category of stand█rds and practices the public opposition to their effort would be too great for it to succeed, and could even put the personnel themselves at risk. When accepted, this rationalization usually results in a principal accepting a less than legitimate, and inherently non-credible, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and accepting 'services, benefits, favors and considerations' from ostensible subordinates on that basis, thus fulfilling the basic w█sh formula.

This strategy entices or intimidates the vict█m into accepting hypocrisy by sacr█ficing Divine Will principles alignment for logistics, convenience and expediency.

Symbolic depictions: [def█nse], [shi█ld], [arm█r], [prot█ction], and more recently b█lletproof v█st (Example)

Notice how the 'prevention of h█rm' motif is just a basic deployment of their No 'Anti-' formula, while the cov█ring in fr█nt of represents not only a m█sk or a franchise, but also a rejection of someones' True Nature which puts them eventually in container. Ostensibly it represents the underperf█rming rank and file person or franchise 'representing' the principal (see: aeg█s), but it instead more accurately appears to represent the Choice of the principal themselves to diminish their own stand█rds and principles, by proxy as it were.

The strategy also neatly puts to one side the internal PR attrition which inevitably would result within any organization using force to stop or to obstr█ct a Divine Will-aligned cause or effort. When early Christianity for example refused to budge on its principles, the apostate system found that brute force was counterproductive to its purposes as it merely resulted in 'too many' martyrs with the same variety of PR bl█wb█ck. The apostate system then found instead that it had to yield, and instead accommodate the assertive Christian effort at least until it could manage to infiltrate and subvert, co-opt and usurp it.

There are a few 'defe█ts' for this strategy.

The first is to just plain uphold basic stand█rds and principles. For example, I've been doing so and I'm still breathing.

The next is to remember that people have no genuine nor legitimate reason to reject Divine Will and True Nature, and that to do so would be 'indef█nsible' on their part. The apostate system itself couldn't count█nance that and get away with it internally.

The next is to remember that ass█ssinations, etc. are things 'their' Is█s subdiv█sion have it quite within their means to retroactively prevent.

The next is to remember that while there manifestly appears to be any 'opposition' from the apostate system to a Divine Will and True Nature-aligned basis, it necessarily presupposes a timel█ne in which the organization had been Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which gen█rated whatever forceful 'resistance' there was to a campaign to uphold and reassert Divine Will and True Nature alignment. Not only is this 'indef█nsible', it had no genuine nor legitimate reason to have done so and that would continue to put it on a non-integrous and inherently non-credible basis for counterfeiting their own True Nature to Choose, uphold and to affirm their alignment with Divine Will and True Nature. And that makes whatever foll█ws on from that earlier po█nt just as invalid and indef█nsible as from the start.

In essence, that is what expl█sions tend to produce: d█st.