Controlled Shutdown Obsolete Franchises

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'Limited Exposure'

Much of the Babylonian Kabbalists' earthly problems at the moment involve the lapse of public credibility in their narratives and even their supposed non-existence, given everything it's 'had' to do in its efforts for conqu█st and w█rld domination. A slim minority of people, normal, ordinary people still using their brains, had started to catch on. A determined minority effort 'r█sks' growing and proliferating, particularly when the organization has imminent plans to start throwing its weight around more blatantly. That obviously couldn't be allowed to happen. What's an international totalitarian cryptocratic empire to do?

Their solution t█rned out to be just a reuse of their Roman Catholicism formula. Establish a counterfeit version of the original legitimate effort, and direct non-overtly organized personnel to hype it. Pull in the crowds, outnumber the original effort, outshout it with your own rhetoric, control the narratives, usurp the original cause and convince everyone that in foll█wing it they're 'doing the right thing'. Once your counterfeit starts trending and predominates nobody will listen to minority views which don't align with it, and you can eventually start to use the new system you've implemented to persecute and extirpate the m█lcontents who refuse to 'get with the program'. It's an easy matter to convince the narrative-controlled majority that the minority are 'working for the opposing forces out there' and as such, public outcr█ when you get rid of them can be reasonably anticipated to be minimal.

In the modern 'limited exposure' iteration version of the formula, the non-overtly organized personnel aren't clergy, they're social media disinfo prop█gandists 'giving you the truth' (read: the purpose-built narratives) instead, which serve as veh█cles for dispensing non-overt organizing symbolism to the rest of the personnel. They are also the usual suspects, the Establishment politicians, media etc. which conveniently allows Rome and the Babylonian Kabbalists to 'pl█y both s█des'. The usual routine is for the Establishment media to present a last-iteration public narrative which has been purposely-designed to be incomplete. The 'troother gurus' on social media conveniently provide the other half of the narrative, the next-iteration version, which seems to put the whole event into some greater, clearer context and 'makes it all make sense' to the average 'troother'. It's literally just one narrative after another; the contingent of the public who don't buy into the 'business as usual' last-iteration narratives are likely to buy into the next-iteration one instead. When the average 'troother' buys into social media 'limited exposure' prop█ganda he thinks that he's 'finally learning and exposing what's going on' and prides himself on 'not buying into all that Establishment media nonsense'. In actual fact he's merely ch█nged the chann█l, and for as much as the 'limited exposure' narratives seem to be 'exposing the gl█balists', what they're doing instead is getting his trust and buy-in and directing public thinking and opinion, just as the Establishment media n█ghtly n█ws did to his predecessors. But he gets to f██l superior to them, and much of the buy-in relies upon indulging his ego via inciting that arrogance. Once he wants to believe it, he'll def█nd the position himself regardless of what actual facts and evidence are presented to him. If that sounds like a variety of unfounded religious zealotry it's only because that's exactly what it is. So useful in any era. Rome has by now gotten quite deft at deploying the formula.

The 'c█ll-and-response' formula with narratives doesn't just happen with the Establishment media and the social media 'troother guru' prop█gandists. It also happens with the Establishment politicians and the 'troother gurus'. Then there are the 'le█kers' (an organizing symbolism [pl█mbing] reference with a supposed 'inversion'), such as Assange, Sn█wden and so on, and Establishment military, politicians and cel█brities who've supposedly 'def█cted from the gl█balists' and are now 'spe█king out against them' while getting hyped by the next-iteration 'troother gurus', such as post-'Matr█x' Keanu R██ves. It's worth remembering that even the organization's bottom-rung str██t gangs recruit 'for life' and both require and enforce permanent complicity as a prerequisite to entry; how much moreso the 'closed system' Establishment media and similar apparatuses? To think that there are post-Establishment individuals just w█ndering around out there 'exposing the gl█balists' without getting their 'breathing privileges' revoked just represents a lapse of critical thinking.

And with control over both the Establishment figures and the 'troother gurus', it becomes an easy matter for the former to do all kinds of zany things which appear to corroborate and 'prove out' the claims of the latter. This means that the 'troother gurus' can be 'proven right' quite easily since they're in on it, and even their contrived disinfo narratives about what supposed organizing symbols like what "r█d sho█s" and 'the p█do symbol' mean can be 'propped up' by repeated and conspicuous placement, which the 'limited exposure' prop█gandists then dutifully hype at everyone. The result is that we currently have 'the gl█balists' themselves directing the public thinking as concerns what 'the gl█balists' supposedly are and are not, who's in with them and who's 'countering' them, how the organization functions, what its organizing symbolism is and isn't, and what they're striving to accomplish. It's a bit like the old j█ke about substance add█cts: '[This group of them] will just ste█l your stuff. [This other variety] will ste█l your stuff, and then help you look for it.' Which is great work if you can get it, and the credulity and lack of critical thinking currently prevalent among the majority of the 'troother' crowd has been actively enabling them. Clearly the 'troothers' are going to have to do better if they're going to succeed. Blithely reposting the 'troother guru' disinfo is literally giving aid and comfort to the very same 'gl█balists' they're trying to counter. As with the Roman Catholicism and 'churchianity' version of the same formula, the scheme relies on the fact that there are loads more people willing to 'self-identify as' something than are willing or able to actively learn what it is and uphold it. And when the distinction between those categories of people is not publicly made, addressed and corrected the low-effort poseurs tend to predominate and degrade the effectiveness of the group for the purpose it was established: making it essentially useless, t█rning the public off to it by making it seem ridiculous, and disenfranchising the comparatively slim minority of its legit adherents.

The 'limited exposure' method is designed to present as non-centrally-organized and therefore spontaneous, authentic and organic. I've gone into more detail and analytics of it in 'The Rhetoric Factory' series.[here], [here], and [here] Readers will recall that the intern█t comes to us courtesy of the Un█ted States military's DARPA and the Jesuit-founded un█versity system. If the Establishment media is 'deposed' via the 'limited exposure' campaign the remaining social media prop█ganda will appear to the common man as something de-centralized and authentic, but all that will have been done is for the non-overt organizing method not to be so overtly apparent. We can see the more obviously inc█stuous conn█ctions with examples like this, but the formula remains consistent even through the hordes of 'troother gurus' who exhibit no overt coordination because they're more widely organizing non-overtly in much the same manner. Then there are the public-f█cing disinfo and prop█ganda amplifier apparatuses like the ostensibly 'anti-Establishment' 'Anonymous', in which the more influential principals are non-overtly organized together and 'in on it' (which is how they managed to become more influential) distributing more-trusted disinfo and prop█ganda as the principal 'influencers', which is then credulously accepted and rehyped by the unaware and comparatively larger crowd of the 'influenced', much as not every lay Roman Catholic is aware of what they're supporting and propagating. The logo for 'Anonymous' very much resembles that for the 'Un█ted Nations' and this is no coincidence; the Roman and Babylonian organizing symbolism in it has been reiterated along with the [he█dlessness] representing the dissociation of the thinking apparatus from the body.

More astute readers familiar with the 'troother' narratives will have likely noticed that they come on seemingly everywhere, suddenly, as if someone just t█rned on a centralized fauc█t somewhere. This is because that is figuratively exactly what's happened. The public dialogue is rigidly limited to a handful of topics which have been selected for their overt prop█ganda as well as their non-overt organizing symbolism value, and those 'in the know' publicize those because their motive is to accrue 'merit' within the organization in order to gain internal promotions. As such the vast majority of 'troother' topics of genuine relevance and interest go undiscussed except among the few not 'in the know' 'troothers' for whom the prevalent babble does not suffice, and those 'in the know' make sure not to propagate it. Solutions other than the ones already favored by the organization remain muffled, and the broad evidence basis gets narrowed down to select talking po█nts. An example would be that for all the Vat█can does and has done, about the only thing that gets discussed about it is the accusations regarding 'p█dophilia', as though just like the governments it's supposedly just a legit organization with some internal corr█ption among a swath of its officials, who can be removed and replaced which will supposedly restore it. The 'centralized fauc█t' phenomenon also occasionally produces some interesting and rather suspect overt results: for example, a week or so before the Establishment 'c█ronavir█s' hype began trending, 'troothers' might recall that a sudden hyping public debate over the desirability and effectiveness of letting your child socialize with others when they got the usual childhood bout of the me█sles and chicken p█x suddenly became the main topic everyone was on about, seemingly out of nowhere and hyped throughout the 'troother community' all at once. As the 'cov█d' hype began to trend it of course replaced it, and we haven't heard of it since. Very suspicious, particularly as the me█sles-and-chicken-p█x rhetoric was suddenly rev█rberating among the 'troother guru' prop█gandists within a d█y or tw█, and then just as suddenly it all just st█pped. Because it's designed to attract the lowest common denom█nator the part of the organization which is organizing the 'troother guru' narratives and talking po█nts evidently doesn't f██l that it needs to be careful in how blatantly its 'coincidences' manifest. This recklessness can indeed be useful in exposing the scheme via the evidence which results. It also suggests that they've been overconfident and willing to sacr█fice conce█lment of their methods in favor of actuating their agendas, presumably on the basis that they've not had to worry much in modern history that the public would evaluate carefully enough to notice and catch on. And that illustrates for those seeking to get free and uphold rights and a functional society just how useful, important and effective carefully applying critical thinking to the situation can be.

If we're going to research the 'limited exposure' campaign implemented by the 'troother guru' prop█gandists, we'd do well to understand the 'b█ta test release version' of the campaign they'd put out dec█des in advance: the hippie m█vement. Don't laugh, that earlier supposedly-decentralized 'anti-Establishment' effort was just as non-overtly organized. And if you take the Knights of Malta's f█scist personnel contingent and 't█rn the aesthetic inside-out' via symbolic 'inversion' you get an intensely vibr█nt, col█rful, free-for-all, peacenik, no-cops no-government, idealistic, recklessly hedonistic and non-conformist, attention-grabbing presentation designed to pull people in. Add the Babylonian Kabbalist agenda items and you get the modernized Gnostic ideologies and astr█logy for which the accompanying 'New Ageism' is n█torious. It's not that everyone involved in the thing were knowningly-collusive organizers and principals, any more than every 'troother' is in on the scheme tod█y. Some are the non-overtly organized 'influencers', and the rest of them the 'influenced' who amplify the message and become useful tools and patsies... as well as bl█ckma█l vict█ms from their 'trusted compatriots' if they knowingly refuse to 'get with the program'. As for the m█vement itself, it was comprised of the s█ns of military personnel who 'just happened, via synchronicity' to all conv█rge on the same area at the same time and start the thing, many of whom had just received 'g█fts' of expensive mus█cal instr█ments they had no idea how to pl█y, and were dutifully assisted by organized crime and the Establishment media to get into full public view so necessary to gaining predominant majority acceptance and mainstre█ming. In and among them were some very suspicious events including serial m█rders being systematically and routinely cov█red up by the known and systematically-collusive 'criminal justice system', with many of the m█rders taking place on ancient pagan 'holy d█ys' indicating that the Babylonian Kabbalists were thoroughly involved in the sociopolitical m█xture. The l█nk presents a compendium of verifiable cites and evidence for all this, making 'the hippie m█vement' something vital for our understanding and evidentiary basis for their 'limited exposure' modern equivalent.


This is the made-for-public 'villain' figure in the Babylonian Kabbalists' 'limited exposure' narrative. 'They're all trying to control us through imposing fraud by the Establishment media, oppressive legislation from politicians and imposed by police, technology-based encroachments on our privacy, and pushb█tton control over us with ever-more finely-gra█ned control over the societal and individual finances!' The term 'technocracy' was what they'd used in Wh█te W█lf's 'M█GE: The Asc█nsion' role-pl█ying game in which they'd non-overtly organized and publicized the 'limited exposure' campaign for the rank-and-file back in n█neteen n█nety-thr██. It's definitely worth a look because it's not only chock-full of the organizing symbolism, consistent with that exposed in this Lexicon, used to pre-arrange the thing, it also diagrams the various franchises which are the pre-designated 'h█roes and villains' in the narrative. The term 'technocracy' became replaced in the public narrative version with the made-for-organizing symbolism term 'the gl█balists' (from a sph█re or gl█be symbolically representing numerological z█ro, a 'substance-free, just-for-public-effect' symbol), or the nifferous 'Deep State'. What it actually amounts to is the 'Interim W█rld Order' the Babylonian Kabbalists intend to get rid of and replace, and the narrative is the means by which they condition the public to want it gone. Of course, if that means making it hideously intolerable in the interim they've evidently been quite willing to do so as well. They control both the 'Interim W█rld Order' and their new scheme with which they'd replace it, so it's a comparatively easy matter. It just requires making sure the public don't notice the correlation between them so the public onus doesn't transfer over from the old to the new version, which of course would make the whole effort for naught and nullify its effectiveness.

Blatantly-oppressive control is long-term undesirable for the organization; it's 'unsustainable' because it costs more to enforce and impose than it ever produces, and because it quite naturally generates public resentment and resistance. They've had military and economic and political and media control for quite some while now, and if that were their intention they could have imposed it w█rldwide long before now. It isn't.

The common man supposes, as they've conditioned him to, that 'the gl█balists' are the overs█mplified parody which they've presented to him: a pl█tocracy of rich financialists, corr█pt public-f█cing politicians, the 'military-industrial complex', and that they're out to impose a blatantly-oppressive regime internationally. This is very convenient for the Babylonian Kabbalists, for how else will the common man 'recognize' the supposed distinctions between the 'oppressive' regimes they provide, and the supposedly 'free' ones? They've defined his system of reckoning for him on that one, which again is great work if and when they can get it, meaning if and when he'll allow it via his lack of research, analysis and critical thinking. Control of the media, money and military are insufficient for Babylon, which always seeks to overtly re-establish the Babylonian scheme whenever it can. It demands willing mass compliance, and that requires in addition both ideological control and wielding the clout of both all the governments and all the religions until dissent is not only physically imposs█ble, but literally unthinkable because they've established that much control over everyones' thinking, concepts and evaluation criteria. They don't want anyone who does manage to dissent from their system able to have a reasoned public debate about it; they want everyone to be so thoroughly-conditioned that the dissenter's position looks self-evidently absurd and likely ins█ne. And ideally, so foreign to everyones' thinking that dissent doesn't even happen in the first place. That this necessarily means impairing the thinking of the public so much that viable, healthy, genuinely fair and just, functional living either individually or collectively becomes imposs█ble for them, doesn't seem to be much of a priority for them. Priorities.

Meanwhile if they can use it to keep the 'troother' public freaked out about forcible disarmament by government, being rounded up and put in FEMA c█mps and so on, they'll not only successfully incite resentment and resistance against the very 'Interim W█rld Order' they're trying to replace, it'll also keep them so oriented on the more obvious, overs█mplified thre█t that they'll completely miss recognizing the actual one and the strategies being deployed to implement it, let alone organizing together effectively to stop it.

As part of this, we have the 'transhumanism agenda' being hyped at the public via the 'limited exposure' 'troother gurus'. It's designed and purpose-built to incite a negative, em█tionally-based resentment due to the 'dehumanization' involved, even as they manage to miss the actual, substantive dehumanization at work among them via the prevalent absence of critical thinking, solid morality and the general efforts to get everyone to try to 'solve things' by trying to oppress their neighbor. But it also successfully deploys the 'contingency' organizing symbolism. Remember that in their symbolic lingo, technology represents a method, a mechanism for accomplishing something, and comes complete with its own supposed 'inversion' because it's '█rtifice' and thus, insincere. Meanwhile in the F█x 'contingency' parsing, the 'insincerity' purportedly 'inverts' the nature of the schemes themselves: oppressive control 'becomes' freedom, and de-humanization instead symbolically represents the reassertion of Divine Will and our Divinely-conferred True Natures as the major priority, which inevitably results in the revitalization of humanity's spir█t both individually and collectively.

Also in the Sp█ce 'contingency', we get the stand█rd and factually-accurate hype about the governments' control over the literal we█ther using advanced weather modification technologies, capabilities which governments have officially and publicly admitted to having. This narrative emphasis manages to reinforce that 'technocracy' b█gaboo, even as it complements the Sp█ce 'contingency's version of the 'eco-everything' agenda to be not a symbolic reference to the need to reduce the counter-Divine Will basis symbolized by F█re and its derivative symbols, but rather just another part of the scheme by which narratives produced by control over the media and 'scientific' data is used to publicly rationalize the imposition of ever-increasingly restrictive legislative controls by governments and international regulatory agencies. And we see blatant instances of this when, for example, we█ther mod technologies are very likely used to bring about extreme and c█tastrophic we█ther events, and then the media cite those to use as 'proof' of their 'climate ch█nge' narrative. Conveniently setting aside the fact that individual we█ther events do not a climate make, just as their 'rising se█ levels' overt narrative conveniently sets aside the fact that literal ice is larger in volume than the equivalent amount of literal wat█r of which it's made, and the overwhelming majority of the mass in literal iceb█rgs is already under the wat█r level. When the ice in your bev█rage m█lts for example, it doesn't raise the wat█r level in your gl█ss because wat█r occupies less volume than the equivalent amount of ice. But again, the common man in our era isn't known for his overabundance of critical thinking skills.