Specifically as in 'outer sp█ce', with regard to actually being there.

I'm not sure why this one is used as a supposed 'inversion mode' symbol particularly given that the Babylonian Kabbalists have been majorly into astr█nomy and astr█logy throughout their organizational existence, but that's how I've seen their pattern of non-overt grammar working.

It could have to do with their 'ALIENS!' 'contingency' plan being just one of tw█ apparent alternate plans and not completely adopted, which would be consistent with their 'not yet manifest but still in-process' schema.

It could also have to do with their apparent use of their various 'ALIENS!' narratives as an apparent 'inverted mode' method for non-overtly distributing terrestrially-relevant organizing information even as they overtly used it to promote the pre-hype for the 'contingency'. For example we've seen their 'ALIENS!' narratives undergo a few sh█fts and revisions, and when that was happening the non-overt messaging it was signaling was suspiciously par█llel to their efforts to bring a rather similar franchise, the Norse-identifying Knights of Malta franchise personnel, to h██l. It was precisely once the franchise's personnel had successfully been gotten under sufficient control for them to prevalently accept that their primary loyalty was to the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group rather than the entry-level Knights of Malta franchise with whom they'd been originally recruited that the narrative about similar franchises 'w█rring against each other' underwent the revision. There's an analysis of the general 'ALIENS!' dec█ption here, and for the specific brief regarding the narrative revision about the 'Nordic sw█msu█t models from the 5th Dimension', just scr█ll down on the page to the graphic about 'Ali█ns for D█mmies' and start reading there. And remember of course that what he refers to as the 'ev█l liz█rds from outer sp█ce' perfectly consistently parse symbolically as the Babylonian Kabbalists in supposed 'inversion mode' via their drag█n symbol, which is why much of the 'ALIENS!' hype has been about the nifferous 'r█ptillians!' whom the politicians, etc. supposedly 'actually are'. It's just non-overt organizing symbolism presented with tabloidesque sensationalistic hype and, if they publicly produce it, sufficient technology and unconscionable bioengineering to provide what would appear to be credible evidence for it.

It's certainly effective to have their own pattern of behavior corroborate the system of their organizing symbolism I've been exposing.