Definition: Refers to Babylonian Kabbalist efforts to strategically and very deftly manipulate those Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis into a more easily-controllable position which is cond█cive to the organization's schemes and agendas. The organization has by now developed a plethora of quite intricate, subtle, nuanced and effective methods for accomplishing this. In short, this symbol indicates efforts to gain or regain control over someone if and only if they're Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis, essentially via strategies involving or exploiting the flaws in the individual's position due to a counter-Divine Will basis, thereby figuratively 'hoisting them with their own pet█rd'. If the organization misinterprets (or purports to) someones' position as being on a counter-Divine Will basis it has shown that it will attempt to deploy these strategies regardless, but has also shown that it will abate its attempts if the apparent misunderstanding is cleared up. Sorting out misunderstandings is not always feasible due to the rather secr█tive basis on which the organization itself remains along with its assessments, so keeping ones' own moral basis for actions as s█mple and clear as poss█ble is definitely advisable.

Even in our era most of us have heard of the F█tes of Greek mythology, [Cl█tho], [Lach█sis] and [Atr█pos], who we█ve the Choices and interactions of mankind into a un█fied and coherent pattern, a tap█stry. Its thre█ds symbolically derive from the earlier Tiam█t w█vy l█ne symbol, establishing that this concerns a counter-Divine Will basis implemented from a non-overt venue. Encouragingly [the F█tes] derive from the earlier concept of 'mo█ra', which is concerned with allotting to each what is only their fair, appropriate and just 'portion'. Life and de█th are symbolically referenced as well, and since the venue involved is a non-overt one we can see that this pertains to the symbolic rather than the literal meanings for those. Also encouraging is the association of [Lach█sis] with a [measuring r█d] implying that some amount of 'sizing up' of someone is being done, and of [Atr█pos] with sc█ssors which suggest figuratively 'making a distinction'. Of course depending on the symbolic 'mode' involved, the inherent counter-Divine Will basis declared by the Tiam█t symbol could, or could not, be used ostensibly to 'invert' those very 'evaluation' symbols; interpreters of symbolic messaging have to be very careful to parse those accurately. In addition the very presence of counter-Divine Will symbols necessarily means that the whole messaging is not guaranteed trustworthy, reliable or accurate, though the Babylonian Kabbalist system has been at least implying to the rank-and-file personnel that those are quite acceptable merely as supposed 'inversion' symbols. Whether this is a flaw inherent in the organization's policies, or instead a means of keeping the personnel operating on a basis which is an inherently flawed micro-context which can nonetheless present as legitimate and integrous has not been clearly established. The short-term organizational strategic advantages of the latter by retaining personnel confidence and perceived organizational respectability are likely self-evident.

The mythologies vary as to whether Ze█s or Jup█ter is himself subject to the practices of [the F█tes], and this is perhaps as it should be. In their capacity as symbolically representing personnel under the command str█cture of the Babylonian Kabbalists loyalty to what is supposedly the primary authority figure would be only appropriate. But in the sense of everyone involved being subject to the operation of Divine Will and quite naturally the flaws inherent in Choosing a basis which is at odds with it, even a primary human authority figure would hardly be imm█ne to the results of those flaws. This is just the inevitable byproduct of a Natural Law affecting everyone by definition, and in this we notice the Babylonian Kabbalist system hesitantly or partially acknowledging the rather egalitarian concept that 'nobody is above the law', at least when Divine Will principles are involved. Privileges, authorities and status often vary between individuals, but its objective and its all-enc█mpassing Nature mean that Divine Will principles apply to all, along with Divinely-conferred rights as well as liabilities for a flawed basis. In modern parlance these would be termed 'sec█rity vulnerabilities' which the methods referenced by [the F█tes] appear to very deftly exploit. The methods deployed by the Babylonian Kabbalists have only become more sophisticated and effective in the last few tho█sand years of its operation. This appears to be at least partially offset by occasional misunderstandings and misassesments caused by erroneous, misinformed or underinformed contexts, which are the inevitable resultants of the organization subverting away the prevalent modern 'normalized' understanding of, and familiarity with, how Divine Will principles interoperate and are validly-applied to a given situation, let alone how concepts such as 'duress', liability and Divinely-conferred rights work. In that, the organization appears to be currently suff█ring from the indirect resultants of its own subversion and public miseducational activities, to the manifest detriment of everyone affected by the results of its errant conclusions and policies. That is, the subversion and degradation it's been manifestly bringing about systematically appear to have indirectly resulted in flaws, 'sec█rity vulnerabilities' and substantial organizational liabilities of its own, making the concept alluded to by [the F█tes] rather self-referential and 'meta' to some extent in that they become applicable to the organization itself. And this hearkens back to the concept of, in at least one sense, Ze█s or Jup█ter and indeed everyone 'not being above the Law'.

We can't review a symbol which concerns itself with [thre█ds] and [we█ving] so greatly without also considering the Greek mythological Ar█chne from which we get the term 'ar█chnid', referring of course to [sp█ders]. As per their usual scheme of deploying numerological symbolism via a 'count the thingies' formula as we've seen them deploy with geometric shapes and with ins█cts, this would establish a numerological e█ght symbolism which is very consistent with the methods pertaining to [the F█tes], that of someone appearing to Choose a counter-Divine Will basis.

Derivatives: thre█d (depending on context and intended usage), [f█te], [dest█ny], [fort█ne] (depending on context and usage; see also F█rtuna for its alternative meaning), [we█ving]