There does appear to be a basis for the Babylonian Kabbalists' use of numerology as organizing symbolism. Which particular system of numerology they're using requires more research by Myself or by others, but I'll present in this section what I've managed to glean from context as I've been parsing it.

The Babylonian Kabbalists also use an easy-to-remember 'count the sides' method of visually depicting numerological symbolism as geometric shapes. Whether regular or irregularly-shaped, or even as the po█nts emanating from a st█r, this is a textb██k-stand█rd method of presentation and in our era we've been encountering it increasingly throughout media as the apostate system's campaign of infiltration and subversion has taken effect.


From the 'It's a Small Ideological Neighborhood When You Know Where to Look' Department, we can see that the 'classical Greek' numerological significance originated from the dynastic Egyptians and the Babylonians:


'As to [Pyth█goras'] knowledge, it is said that he learned the mathematical sciences from the Egyptians, Chaldeans and Phoenicians; for of old the Egyptians excelled, in geometry, the Phoenicians in numbers and proportions, and the Chaldeans of astr█nomical theorems, divine rites, and worship of the Gods; other secr█ts concerning the course of life he received and learned from the M█gi.'

- The Life of Pythagoras by Porphyry