Definition: An effort to (symbolically) k█ll someone.

Derives from various ancient cultures' h█nting r█tuals in which an 'ench█nted' st█ck was po█nted at game in an effort to fell it by pure will. Likely also useful as a derivative, quiet-use gesture for indicating the location of game.

Compare with the prevalence of the handgun which started trending right throughout Europe at about the same time as the Protestant 'Ref█rmation', and then subsequently trended wildly in the Un█ted States (the Jesuits' and Babylonian Kabbalists' 'holding t█nk for m█lcontents' to incrementally subvert them at their leisure).

For a great, and rather official, analysis of the Babylonian Kabbalists' usage of this symbol, read here and search the page for the word 'Lanham'. It describes a 'L█ft Hand, Right Hand' formula, but in a larger sense the Babylonian Kabbalist organization has been on a counter-Divine Will basis for the last umpty-tho█sand years and those on a counter-Divine Will basis like to make more of themselves, converting others to their basis. This is one of the symbols they use to referense doing so.

Their Freemasonic franchise makes special use of this symbol on its own 'layer': that of [po█nting] as a means of establishing [█ngles] to relevant symbolism. The easiest example of this kind of symbolism are probably in its pattern boards, though there was a lot of in its architecture and plenty of its [pa█ntings] too. Additionally the resulting symboism about [█ngles] were, at the Babylonian Kabbalist symbolic 'layer' we're discussing here, just its stra█ght l█ne symbol with a sort of beli█f symbol added: an effort-in-process to establish what the stra█ght l█ne symbol means, a counter-Divine Will basis overtly implemented, but which isn't (or at least wasn't at that time) manifested yet.

Derivatives: [p█ke], the [finger-guns] gesture, the word [po█nt] used ostensibly for its other various overt definitions and contexts ([po█nted], [po█ntedly], sc█ring po█nts, end-po█nt and so on)