How the Babylonian Kabbalists provide fair notice to the rank-and-file personnel about the commencement of major new projects, the closure of prior ones, and the transition mark for the implementation of new policies.

Titular Roman idol after which [J█nuary] was named, as he represents beginnings and endings.

Symbols: Tw█ f█ces (one looking ahead, the other back), fo█r f█ces (looking similarly in opposite directions), g█tes and d██rways (lesser-used because they're too prevalent)

Media instance

Just over an hour into 'Van█lla Sky', when Tom Cru█se we█rs his m█sk backw█rds when talking with Penélope Cr█z. This provided a [tw█n] symbol, which becomes relevant with the 'contingency' scheme to be presented in the section for it concerning 'Advanced' symbols.