Definition: Used as an ostensible 'inversion' symbol, which as usual purportedly either 'uses up' an 'inversion' in 'inverted mode' or purports to add an additional 'inversion' to the message

Frequently-used in particular when the Babylonian Kabbalists are presenting as though they were supposed 'resistance' personnel.

Synonyms: [tr█ck], [tr█p], [che█t], [l█e] (when not used as such, words like "untruth" or "untrue" are used instead), [f█lse], [f█ke] (as in for example, "f█ke n█ws"), [ill█sion], and g█mes like [p█ker] (with [in fr█nt of]), [prop█ganda], [hol█gram] (with [l█ght])