Definition: primacy, superior legitimacy, superior authority, superior alignment with Divine Will versus anyone else out there

Typically used to proclaim that the apostate system regards its current authority as the most Divine Will-aligned of any organization or group out there, at least those organizations and groups which are non-overtly aware and active.

Also used by personnel of once-external groups its 'absorbed' or is in-process of 'absorbing', to non-overtly acknowledge the apostate system's professed primacy.

We've recently seen the apostate system honestly cease using this symbol briefly when it became recognized, or at least once it became publicly-available information, that their authority basis manifestly wasn't the most Divine Will-aligned out there versus all comers. So the organization appears to be at least honest about that. I'd even noticed their personnel starting to use the tw█ symbol for a while instead.

Appears to also have associations with the Egyptian Osir█s, particularly his phallus the obel█sk. Even the numeral is designed to suggest this. And as he represents the apostate system's primary human authority figure, this would make sense. As in the concept that his recognized or perceived authority is dependent upon his alignment with Divine Will and whether or not someone of superior alignment with it presents themselves .

Although more in-use with the lower-layer Roman symbolism, One also appears at least in part to have connotations of not only primacy but perhaps totalitarianism (although this is more emphasized via fo█r.) The Latin prefix 'un█-' means not just one, but the only one of something extant. Examples of this symbolism-via-Latin-prefixes (which is definitely a Roman franchise usage, but perhaps deriving from Babylonian connotations):


Un█versal P█ctures


Un█ted States

Un█ted K█ngdom

Un█ted Nations

and of course 'Catholic', which means 'un█versal' from the Greek, and claims to be 'the only true Christian church'.