Air + Gem█ni

Definition: 'Promote this counterfeit group, cause, effort, franchise or ideology we've established'

Synonyms: gesturing [up high] either in the air or on the body

Antonym: [f██t] or gesturing [down low] either near the ground or on the body. Typically used when they're directing personnel to deprecate a now-outmoded counterfeit deemed no longer necessary


When the apostate system intend to 'promote' the Knights of Malta franchise for example, they'll frequently select Air-derived symbols and gestures with which to accompany it, such as "the N█zi salute" (with In Fr█nt Of, naturally). By contrast when they mean to deprecate it, they'll instead select [down low] associated imagery and symbolism like [b██ts], as in the oft-used media phrase "[b██ts] on the ground"


[tool use], esp. to refer to intermediary franchises such as Freemasonry

[appla█se], particularly to refer to supposed contention between designated 'opposite number' franchises such as between the stereotypical 'organized crime' syndicates and the Knights of Malta for example. Also used to establish such a designation, or merely for short-term direction of entirely made-for-public contentions