Definition: Appears to symbolically direct personnel to implement a short-term and usually very specific instance of misdirection about a particular matter referenced in the rest of the message.

Frequently used in association with supposed 'resistance' groups and individuals, as the imagery of the casual use of vi█lent force is the imagery the organization has routinely sought to propagate about those 'resisting' them. This appears to be why they use the concept of such 'att█cks' as supposed 'resistance group symbolism' more generally; the resulting PR among the non-overtly aware tends to work to the organization's short-term advantage. Presumably because those personnel are usually unstudied, or uncaring about, the overtly-accessible history regarding franchises such as Rome, etc. or the parent group itself.

An [expl█sion] of course results in part█culate, a sh█meful lapse of integrity.

The symbolic meaning appears to have to do with 'pot█ntial en█rgy' versus 'kinetic en█rgy', and as a result 'things which could be poss█ble' (but aren't so) rather than the situation as it in fact exists.

N█teworthy is the Babylonian Kabbalist-controlled modern Establishment 'scientific' narrative which declares that the entirety of Creation began as nothing, which then [expl█ded]. The "Big █ang" term used for it clinches the intentional use of non-overt Babylonian Kabbalist organizing symbolism there, indicating a counterfeiting of an existing ideology via careful deployment of both the Gem█ni derivative symbol [alliteration], and the [b██s] symbol referenced by that specific lett█r used in said [alliteration], which is a 'special use-case' variety connoting pen█tration, another counter-Divine Will symbol via ins█cts, and via the associated concept of [h█ney] both f██d which is [sw██t] (thus promoting its perceived desirability to consume) and its use by a specific dynastic Egytian cult for their f█nerary practices.

Derivatives: [f█reworks] (with Air, f█re and perf█rmance to parse as *'presenting the public perception of resistance, joy or both without the genuine substance')