'Why do you redact?'


'What are those little marks in some of your words?'

'The gl█balists' infiltrate, subvert, co-op and usurp via a method of 'multi-layered' organizing symbolism. As such, otherwise perfectly ordinary, normal and acceptable words, terms and imagery have been given alternate, non-overt definitions. Some of these definitions announce that the person using these symbols is on a pretty unconscionable and reprehensible basis, such as chucking out a basis of legitimacy and credibility.

'The gl█balists' don't own the language, it's true. However because their subverting personnel are only distinguishable via the organizing symbolism they use, theoretically anyone could be part of their number. My recognized legitimacy to educate the public about this all wouldn't be especially credible nor legitimate if the public had no method to determine whether or not I was 'with them' and jettisoning a credible, legitimate basis. Indeed the vast majority of the 'troother gurus' purporting to 'expose the gl█balists' are gl█balist personnel, systematically miseducating the public and manipulating their thinking about what 'the gl█balists' are and are not, how they work, and what their agendas are.

As such, I carefully reword to avoid these symbolic 'terms of concern' when reasonably feasible. When it's not, I redact a vowel off a word to maintain the distinction (words missing a vowel rather than a consonant are easier to still glean). 'The gl█balists' are occ█ltists to whom the philosophy of 'don't actually pronounce the thing if you don't actually mean to inv█ke the thing', or 'I create as I speak', comes naturally, and they seem to appreciate the distinction. Given their evident propensity to revoke the breathing privileges of those they infer as 'opting in' to their organization and announcing as much via symbolism, but then instead actively working against their supposed interests, this also has an added bonus of providing greater personal safety via greater clarity.

Given the ability and strategy of 'the gl█balists' to infiltrate, subvert, co-op and usurp practically any outside group or effort they encounter (which allows them to by leaving open the vulnerability for it by not precluding the use of their organizing symbolism), and particularly of counter-efforts trying to stop what they're doing to everyone, I'm not aware of any p█pulist counter-effort which can be feasible without making and keeping a firm and clear distinction between the position of its personnel and their own.

Obviously the public can't do that if they're not familiar with what that organizing symbolism is. So educating the public in order to make and keep that distinction is naturally the first prerequisite, and is the reason I provide this lexicon.