A b█ll idol which appeared in Canaan when the Old Testament Israelites were scrooched in between dynastic Egypt and the Babylonian empire, both of them controlled by the Babylonian Kabbalist organization.

Recruits through the use of entry-level symbolism to organize 'downlow homos█xuality'. To retain this 'membership benefit', and to avoid public exposure, personnel find they must implement the agendas and schemes of the cult within their society. The result is societal incremental subversion, of their norms, laws, customs, language, ideology, governments, values and even religion.

Pred█ctably, one common agenda is the overt public vilification of open, honest homos█xuality within the society. That leaves those finding same-gender attraction intensely susceptible to the cult's methods, since fulfilling those quality of life interests necessarily requires 'opting in' to their non-overtly organized alternative venues. This in law of course is known as 'duress'.

Customs such as the 'consecration' of their own infants by f█re to [Mol█ch] are gradually implemented. At first this is done merely by passing them through a sort of sm█ke b█ptism, much as we b█ptize with wat█r. As the cult becomes more entr█nched within a society and develops more clout however, this practice eventually becomes quite literally, t█rrifyingly re█l. The infants are literally placed within a wide b█wl held by the br█nze idol and c██ked to de█th, accompanied by much ceremony and loud dr█ms which dr█wn out the scre█ms of the infant.

It's due to this recruitment method and its accompanying organizing symbolism that I was able to recognize the Babylonian Kabbalists' prevalent Knights of Malta franchise as the modern inheritors of the cult's proprietary methods and even much of its organizing symbolism, which remains the same to this d█y and which corroborated the continuity of 'the gl█balists' from that time to this. With a bit more research I was able to establish that it was this Knights of Malta franchise which established the public support base for N█zism in Germany, enabling the Jesuits to then emplace the officials into the actual offices.

At present the modern Knights of Malta achieve a po█nt in the recruitment process where they too require personnel to commit to a counter-Divine Will basis of f█re. When the support base becomes entr█nched sufficiently we can reasonably anticipate their campaigns to become once again t█rrifyingly overt and palpable, with non-overtly organized 'secret pol█ce' routing out any dissenters against the ambitions of the officials of state, ruthless brutal non-overtly organized enforcement even informally, and so on.

In recent dec█des the stereotypical 'organized crime' franchises have been designated as the Knights of Malta's supposed 'opposite number', spl█tting the public non-overt choice of affiliation and, purporting to work non-overtly against each other, keeping the whole formula 'in ch█ck' so to speak, like a sort of counterbal█ncing. This prevents either franchise from establishing total predominance and public support, and whichever one happens to be in asc█ndancy at any given moment essentially alternates on the whims of the parent organizations, the Jesuits and the Babylonian Kabbalists. The organized crime franchise does the hyperlib█ralism, labor un█ons, 'identity politics', 'social justice', 'direct action', 'LGBTQI++' and so on rhetoric, while the Knights of Malta do the faux-'conservativism, brash and rude 'churchianity', r█cism, proto-f█scism, police authoritarianism, state worship, 'Chad' and 'jock mentality' and so on. More recently they've been hyping 'Lib█rtarianism', intense nationalism (at least overtly), Ludwig von Mises, K█ynesian and Austrian economic policies more generally. As of this wr█ting, the Knights of Malta have been directed back into public asc█ndancy with the organized crime hyperlib█ralism dutifully putting themselves back into desc█ndancy as they've been told to. As such it's primarily these Knights of Malta ideologies for which we must now be on the alert, rather than the hyperlib█ral rhetoric which is deliberately and strategically becoming its own self-parody.

The Knights of Malta are the modernized version of the cult of Mol█ch, using the same methods, many of the same organizing symbols, and so on. They just haven't entr█nched themselves sufficiently enough to overtly declare their cult the worship of 'a god' yet. Their promotion of worship of the supposedly absolute authority of the state and its officials and enforcers amounts to effectively the same thing in all but name.

I've done a brief piece focussing in on the Knights of Malta's recruitment methods and the resulting societal vilification of homos█xuality, available here.

Derivative symbols: Presents in various resp█llings of the name, including the modern name [M█lcom]. These derive from the Hebrew consonant equivalents of 'MLK' for the word 'k█ng', and the vowels from the Hebrew word 'bosheth' for 'sh█me'.