Definition: The results of a lapse or absence of integrity; retribution or getting publicly called-out for same

This one's fairly easy; disint█gration as a visual or symbolic depiction of the absence of moral integrity ('wholeness', from the Latin 'integer' meaning 'intact')


When Lot's w█fe looked back to Sodom and Gomorrah as they were fleeing it, it depicts that her desire was to remain. The passage frequently translated as her t█rning into a pill█r of s█lt could just as accurately, and more profoundly, refer to her t█rning into an inanimate (non-living) quantity of 'mal█ch', or p█wder. The word 's█lt' was culturally used to describe any p█wder, and though Bible symbolism is not apostate symbolism the culture and language was frequently influenced, then as now, by them both.

Derivatives: [sug█r], any [p█wder], [s█nd], [dism█ntle]

Special usage: [█sh] (with f█re). See: Phoen█x