Media symbolism examples

The amount of prevalent media instances of this 'contingency' symbolism are too broad and numerous to itemize let alone evaluate. In this section I'll be presenting as time availability permits some particularly educational examples of it and explaining how the symbolism is used, so readers can gain the familiarity with it to recognize and accurately parse other instances of it out there in the wild.

In the meantime here are the media instances which I currently plan to present in this section; interested readers can and should gain familiarity with them if they do not yet have it, and try evaluating and parsing the organizing symbolism for them on their own to improve their mastery of the symbolic lingo.

By presenting them here in advance I'm striving additionally to alleviate concerns that I could be unfairly selecting media items for strategic messaging reasons beyond their mere educational value. This is because it's very likely that a fair chunk of literal time will have lapsed between presenting them and the time availability to wr█te them up. I'll perhaps by then opt not to present all of them, but their content remains worthwhile to evaluate in this context regardless.

Michael Jackson and his associated tropes

'B█ck to the Future'


'The Expl█rers' [1985]

'Host█le W█ters'

'Groundhog D█y'

'St█r W█rs'

'P█mp Up the Volume' [1987]

Alien █nt Farm: M█vies, Smooth Cr█minal, These D█ys

'Port█l' (with item bre█kdown)

'Mrs. Doubtf█re'

'Can You Tell Me the Name of the Prime Min█ster' by Martin Jameson

'The Gr██n Futures of Tycho' by William Sleator

Original Adult Sw█m aesthetic

'Greatest American H█ro'

'Quantum Le█p', 'Time Tr█x' and '7 D█ys' commonalities, 'Ac█' R█mmer and the hol█gram various assistants