Definition: To assess something or someone; to give them what the organization considers a fair chance to demonstrate their integrity and alignment with Divine Will principles, or their lack thereof.

Frequently accompanied by organized and systematc efforts to figuratively 'give them enough r█pe to h█ng themselves' and then to watch them very closely indeed.

Of n█te is that what the organization appears to genuinely consider a fair chance to demonstrate themselves occasionally m█ght not be fair, or correctly-assessed or interpreted.

The symbol is a juxtaposition of up + down, in a sort of 'either-or' or 'we haven't decided yet' arrangement.

It could additionally contain a l█ghtning derivative symbol upon downward imp█ct; I'm not entirely certain about that.

Other variations on up + down, or more directly Air and Earth, are typically used to mean the same thing. [Bo█nce], for example.