A major and frequently-used Babylonian Kabbalist symbol with plenty of derivative symbols.

Definition: Something the organization intends for someone (or someones) to accept, take into themselves, internalize, incorporate into themselves, and make a part of their life. Can just as accurately be read as describing the organization's desire to incorporate into itself ('to consume') that someone or those someones.

This is sometimes, but not always, used with regard to the organization's usual scheme of proffering something of tangible, substantive value to an external group or individual, and then using their acceptance of it as supposed evidence of their acceptance of permanent complicity with the organization, as in 'accepting the K█ng's sh█lling' or the plethora of mythology and lore about [Pers█phone] or consuming the f██d or money or substance of value of some other supernatural creatures or entities.

The organization's position on this, at least as it has consistently maintained via a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, has been that, 'If you didn't want to 'opt-in' to permanent, obedient, unqu█stioning complicity with and obedience to us, you shouldn't have accepted that 'g█ft' from us'. And it as a matter of stand█rd operating practice enforces the supposed b█rgain or contr█ct with literal, sometimes l█thal force via its personnel if those terms are not upheld by the formerly-external group or individual. The organization appears to have been able to 'justify' or at least rationalize it by maintaining that the decision was perfectly knowing, voluntary and avoidable on the part of the targ█t. That implied claim is not always borne out by the facts of the matter, such as when the terms were not clearly understood by the recipient or when 'duress' etc. were applied either directly or indirectly, such as when the organization has thoroughly pl█ndered the economy of a nation and thus relegated individuals to accept 'government benefits and privileges' in order to merely literally survive and to subsist. The organization does not appear to have established a venue or process for reb█tting its implicit assumption however, and so the force of the argument and the force applied as the result of it has typically been left uncorrected, to the organization's professed benefit.

What gets interesting there is that because it's neither Divine Will nor anyones' Divinely-conferred True Nature to present 'g█fts' only as a strategic means of establishing sl█very, the practice is therefore evidence of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. As such, when the organization derives professed benefit from practicing on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, the organization itself publicly makes itself guilty and liable for the very same thing of which it accuses others: of 'accepting the K█ng's sh█lling' of gaining benefits, privileges, considerations and 'perks' from a counter-Divine Will basis, thus de-legitimatizing itself rather systematically. The same applies in situations in which the intended targ█t was insufficiently aware of the supposed [b█rgain] or [contr█ct] involved; [agr██ments] by definition require 'a m██ting of the minds' and that by definition does not happen when one of the p█rties is not in poss█ssion of all the facts of the matter, or at least the presuppositions on the part of the other.

The symbol however is wider in sc█pe than merely tangible benefits and privileges. It can also apply more generally to rhetoric, ideologies, professedly 'scientific' theories, religious doctrines and so on, and in those cases does not seem to be applicable to the [b█rgain] recruitment strategy. At least, not directly. After all, if someones' ideology, basis of foundational principles, context of scientific thought and resulting reasoning, etc. have been subverted as the result of miseducation it will quite naturally impair their decision-making process via fraud and relegate them to seemingly-reasonable actions and modes of living which they would otherwise not have adopted. The long-term effect of this is that because the fraud has impaired their ability for individual, and sometimes collective, agency, their resulting behavior is that of complicity with the agendas of the organization regardless of whether or not they have knowingly, Willfully and avoidably accepted that organization. It would seem that the Babylonian Kabbalists don't particularly care whether someone voluntarily and knowingly accepts complicity, or are merely defrauded into it unaware: just so long as the end result is the same, that appears to be sufficient for their purposes. What a deplorable, illegitimate, unconscionable and indeed actionable (in the context of justice) position for anyone to adopt, let alone a broad multinational organization with more or less unlimited influence and clout over practically everything.

Being solid, the f██d symbol is typically used to reference the above being implemented on an overt basis, with the non-overt equivalent being dr█nk. However this is not always the case, and some amount of symbolic fl█xibility appears to be used by the organization's personnel apparently as a matter of convenience.

When the organization wants to present its [f██d] symbol as relevant to, and in keeping with, the symbolism 'layer' it has constructed for the supposed 'resistance' efforts, it will only slightly modify the symbol's presentation to extend to [recreational substances]. Ostensibly that symbol on the 'resistance' symbolic 'layer' has to do with a tr█ck or misdirection implemented by said 'resistance' efforts, but this is mere alibi for the symbol's use at the 'parent' layer, that of the Babylonian Kabbalists. Additionally most [recreational substances] involve the acceptance into oneself of p█wders, n██dles or conspicuously involve the use of f█re to activate the chemicals, all of which are intensely convenient for the Babylonian Kabbalists' symbolic organizing purposes. Of special interest is their campaign regarding [m█rijuana], which is non-overtly presented as supposedly referencing a completely overt 'mode' of speaking, in which all non-overt organizing symbolism is intended to be disregarded as inadvertent and irrelevant to the message. This par█llel is easily made due to the mindstate [m█rijuana] usually produces, and is f█rthered by the Earth symbolism they've deployed in the term "st█ned". However what we find is a campaign to use this implied concept to manufacture non-overt social acceptability of using counter-Divine Will organizing symbolism casually and dismiss or ignore it as supposedly irrelevant, when in truth it's still being actively deployed and used. It encourages a social convention of just 'overlooking it', which is entirely convenient to the organization's purposes. We even see the relevant symbolic context having been selected for this campaign, specifically f█re, f██d and sm█ke.

Also of interest is the rather disappointing fact that the organization's usage of either of those symbols nearly always appears purposely-deployed to result in the symbolic de█th of the recipient of said profferings. As such, the organization appears to additionally make no distinction between those symbols and symbolic [po█son], using them all to mean effectively the same thing. As such it appears to have normalized the proffering of symbolic [po█son] using symbolism which appears to depict healthy, nourishing, life-giving f██d instead. All those p█ctures of peoples' meals on Inst█gram would certainly look a lot diff█rent if the organizing symbolism was accurately maintaining that distinction, and they were sharing images of elaborately-crafted and -presented po█sons rather than sumptuous and elegant meals. It's sh█meful when an organization routinely and systematically disregards the vital distinction between its own life and de█th symbols merely because it happens to be a rather strategic practical expedience.

It's this apparent hypocrisy which the Bible seems to figuratively 'call out' with regard to the Babylonian Kabbalists in [Jeremiah 51:7], [Revelation 17:4], [Revelation 14:8], and [Revelation 18:3]. And perhaps due to the organization's perceived strategic benefit of making less than clear the distinction between life-giving f██d and [po█son]m with particular regard for Judaism's and Christianity's use of f██d within its own symbolism for the former, that the Bible describes an eventual response on the part of Divine Will in [Jeremiah 25:15], [Revelation 18:6], [Obadiah 1:15-16], etc.

On the matter of [f██d] versus [po█son], it's also n█teworthy that because the system of non-overt organizing symbolism the Babylonian Kabbalists have established for the supposed 'resistance' personnel eschews [f██d] as a symbol, the former has slightly recontextualized its usage and presentation there as "med█cinal and recreational substances". While that partially mitigates the problem caused by not otherwise upholding a distinction between [f██d] and [po█son], it also seems to leave innocent personnel of whatever affiliation without an effective means of referencing the overt substances themselves while avoiding the non-overt symbolic definition to which the Babylonian Kabbalists have assigned them. That is, if someone wants to overtly discuss some dr█g or ph█rmaceutical, they'd appear to have little if any means to establish that it's this alone they mean to discuss. This keeps the distinction less than clear for all, increases the literal r█sks of their Divinely-conferred free Will Choices, and needlessly stigm█tizes an area of life which then results in even more violations of their Divinely-conferred rights by setting the agendas of public policy as enforced by the state against that perfectly innocent Choice or even med█cal need. In this, the Babylonian Kabbalist organization appears to once again put itself directly at odds with Divine Will in preference for its organizational av█rice.

And finally, the organization has plainly been deploying various schemes and methods from a counter-Divine Will basis to usurp and co-opt Divinely-Created personnel and practically every other tangible resource, and then using them to convert said resources into symbolic [po█son] to present to the rest of the w█rld that it hasn't come to recruit yet. If that isn't the very essence of an illegitimate counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis I'm not sure what qualifies.

Derivatives: [g█ft], dr█nk, [med█cine], [recreational substances] of all varieties