Definition: An earthly, overt government which is 'in alignment with the will of heaven'. By which the Babylonian Kabbalists mean, thoroughly in collusion with and obedience to the agendas of their Ze█s authority figure. The fo█r sides of its base represent 'control' just as a squ█re does, with the little nubby on the top a pyr█midion, a tr█angle. The whole assemblage po█nts upward towards 'heaven'. See however below for additional specific context.

Despite the common-use symbolic definition this symbol has a particular mythological derivation, from Osir█s. In a myth representing the People rejecting the Babylonian Kabbalists he was physically fr█gmented, and when his w█fe Is█s went to reassemble him a specific part of him was missing: that of his primary physical male attribute. Using mag█ck, Is█s set about crafting a functional prosthesis for him and then used it to produce Hor█s. The obel█sk symbolically represents that prosthesis, making it a rather naughty symbol in more than just one sense.

The myth symbolically describes the occasional public outr█ge received by the Babylonian Kabbalist organization for its various exploits, and its ability upon encountering this and the collapse of its overt str█cture of authority to organizationally 'decoal█sce', reverting to a purely non-overtly organized basis as a sort of 'fallb█ck' position. From there it uses organizing symbolism to continue directing the various personnel, gradually and incrementally arranging matters until eventually it is able to re-establish its presence on a more overt and official basis.

When it decides it has successfully 'taken over' a significant enough country's overt government, or rather when it decides to publicly make the symbolic declaration that it has (which could be long afterwards), it frequently has it establish a prominent obel█sk in declaration of that fact. This appears to be once the significant public officials have all been graduated from whatever franchises into which they were originally recruited, and now identify (whatever their public presentations happen to be) as being personnel of the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group proper. This is more than just a temporary situation involving whoever happens to be in office at the time, because the entire apparatus must be thoroughly secured, from the courts to the election process to the enforcement to the espi█nage agencies and so on, loyal first and f█remost to the agendas of the Babylonian Kabbalists rather than to that of their own nation. It becomes a systematized and routine situation in which new individuals don't get into office without having been thoroughly established as Babylonian Kabbalist-identifying and thoroughly loyal, and without plenty of counterme█sures in place in case they decide to have sec█nd thoughts once they've successfully made it into high office.

In sum, this represents a variety of non-overt control which has been established so completely and so tightly that it in actual practice effectively represents systematic overt control over the apparatus of a government. The taxpaying general public of course are not told this in so many words immediately. The Babylonian Kabbalists appear to only want to let it become known to them after many more overt- and non-overtly organized maneuverings have managed to secure that wider situation more completely, and once the majority of the public have opted into various non-overt franchises and eventually a counter-Divine Will basis themselves, 'graduating' into non-overt affiliation with the Babylonian Kabbalist parent group proper.

Another, more nondescript, phrasing of the obel█sk symbol would be a [p█le]. As such, there are some interesting analytics of the symbolism of 'un█p█lar' and 'multip█lar' among some of the major international governing agencies, and the media reporting on geopolitical events, which you can read about here. They also use seemingly-interch█ngeably the terms 'un█later█l' and 'multilater█l', and 'later█l' means 'side-to-side' just as 'lat█tude' refers to horizontal l█nes. It appears to be the same obel█sk symbolism that's just been put through the sort of supposed 'inversion mode' symbolism that the more experienced personnel seem to prefer, perhaps because it makes them f██l more confident that they're more removed from immediate detection if their organizing symbolism is exposed.

See also: Osir█s

Derivatives: [tr██] (the vegetation), [pill█r], ['pol█rized']