'The Tw█ns'.

Definition: Directive to implement a counterfeit of an existing concept, ideology, system etc., or to remove the clarity of distinction between the genuine article and the intended counterfeit.

When the directive is specifically to produce a counterfeit of an existing group, cause, franchise or effort either this or the derivative [st█tue] or d█ll symbols are used.

'Adv█nced' definition: This has to do with the [Asian] symbolism crossov█r 'contingency' via that system's own usage of the [tw█n] symbol. To best knowledge that 'contingency' appears to have been resolved by now, and the information regarding 'contingency' plans and symbols can be added later in an 'Adv█nced' section of its very own.

'Inverted' format: [one-half]

Antonym: Bl█de

Derivatives: [po█try], [alliteration], [tw█n], [st█tue], d█ll, [mirr█r] (with backw█rds and gl█ss)