I'm not entirely sure why this one (corporate names, logos, br█nds and so on) is used as synonymous with the other counter-Divine Will position declaration symbols, but that's been consistently how the symbolic grammar in context has been time and again.

Best guess is some use of them as a derivative symbol of f█re elemental symbolism + in fr█nt of symbol via the term "br█nd", which would seem to make the reference to counter-Divine Will symbols either almost entirely unavoidable in practical terms, or unreasonably prohibit anyone who isn't on a counter-Divine Will basis from even mentioning corporation or product names, even to expose wrongdoing or to hold them accountable. That's an injustice and seems like quite a bit of needless overre█ch.

My sec█nd guess to account for the pattern is the use of business and commerce as a means the Babylonian Kabbalists use to entice people onto a counter-Divine Will basis en masse. I'll have to get into a little detail on that.

In commerce merchants and craftsmen are traditionally looking for an advantage in the marketplace, and what they're each willing to do to gain it tends to vary. Babylonian Kabbalist and franchise personnel coincidentally often happen to be humans with money who shop. Result: Products which carry the relevant organizing symbolism of the parent group or its various franchises are consistently regarded more favorably in the market. This appears to have been going on for cent█ries, from the additional decorative designs and adornments craftsmen added to their furniture which have by now become antiques, to later [br█nd] names or tr█de names, product names and symbolically-relevant advertising. Heck, there was even a stint in the n█neteen-f█rties and f█fties where practically every company's advertising prominently featured huge lett█ring in c█rsive as a Tiam█t symbolic reference. This is because learning what symbolic tropes to present required affiliation with the parent group or its franchises. It quietly became less and less feasible to succeed in the business realm without being collusive with these groups in order to land accounts, get favorable rates, and keep your business p█rtners from inexplicably 'pulling out'. And of course when a once-beneficial practice becomes prevalent industry-wide it's essentially no longer optional: you've either 'opted in' or you f█ld or get 'bought out'. As per the usual Babylonian Kabbalist formula, once the landscape has become thick with knowingly-collusive personnel it's time to increase the str█ngency of the requirements, and that means getting them to 'opt into' a counter-Divine Will basis. As such, nobody of any special n█te becomes successful in the financial or business realms anymore without collusion, and in the off chance that they do they're certainly not given loads of free hype throughout the Babylonian Kabbalists' Establishment media which is another collusive 'closed system'.